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204 The Power of the Doctor

This is the one where the Doctor and the Doctor and the Doctor and the Doctor and the Doctor and the Doctor and the Doctor and the Doctor and the MasterDoctor have an adventure with ALL THE COMPANIONS and Thirteen doesn’t say goodbye.

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Classic Who

099.5 Fifth Doctor Primer

Companions Adric – alien boy genius/math wiz from E-Space. Died trying to save the Doctor and Earth Nyssa – An aristocrat of the alien world Traken. She was originally going to be a one off

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070.5 – Adric

This is a Jared solo episode. He tells us everything we need to know about Adric. He came into the Doctor’s experience in E-Space he was born on the planet Alzarious. His parents passed when

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058 – Interview With Jared

We explore how he first discovered Doctor Who, which Doctor is his favorite, how he found Noobs and the Whovian, and of course how he came to be a part of the show itself.

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039 – Time Crash

This time the Doctor gets to meet… The Doctor? So here’s an interesting one for you, as the Tenth Doctor meets the Fifth Doctor which is apparently is the Tenth Doctor’s Doctor, and my brain

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