This weekend we’ll be releasing our Timey Wimey episode on The Santa Clause 3. After that, we’re heading into the Series 3 Recap episode. We’re not 100% sure yet when we’ll have the chance to record and release it, but it could be as early as the 22nd and we need your help!

We’ve put together our rundown of categories into a handy form you can fill out to give us your input on Series 3. There’s some multiple choice and some fill in the blank, so make sure you answer them all so we can get a wide base for the rankings!

One note: there weren’t a lot of true companions this series (i.e. went on an adventure in the TARDIS), so I decided to include the companions who never were (Joan Redfern from Human Nature and Astrid Peth from Voyage of the Damned) as well as Sally Sparrow. Hopefully we’ll all agree these three deserve to be on the list! 😀