200 Alternate Universe – Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

This is the one where the Daleks have a really dumb plan & Dr. Who has a worse one. And we’ll have to bypass Watford! That place is crawling with Daleks.

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Welcome to Episode 200 covering Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

Super-short Recap 

This is the one where the Daleks have a really dumb plan and the Doctor has a worse one. And we’ll have to bypass Watford! That place is crawling with Daleks.

Production notes

  • Story # NOTHIN!
  • Originally aired July 26, 1966 
  • Written by: Milton Subotsky, David Whitaker
  • Directed by: Gordon Flemyng
    • The Avengers (1967)


  • Tom Campbell – Bernard Cribbins!
    • Wilfred Mott, himself!


  • Name of the episode spoken in dialogue?
    • nerp
  • Creature of the week
    • Daleks
      • Scuba Dalek!
      • Apparently, they’re immune to bombs, but shoving causes immediate explosion
      • What is the fog that they shoot?! Cuz it can kill a dude, or EXPLODE A CABIN!
      • The multi-colored Daleks are awesome
  • Needless sacrificial death
    • Dortmun went and picked a fight with a Dalek that was LEAVING THE BLOCK! He then BLEW UP THE WHOLE BLOCK! 
  • Cutting-edge special effects
    • The Dalek ship was pretty on point
      • The shot of it in the skyline, not so much

Other stuff we noticed

  • That opening scene! 
    • Was that just to get a police officer trying to get into the TARDIS as an actual police box?
  • Nice fourth wall break
  • So in THIS universe, Dr. Who only fights the Daleks
    • Imagine a Dr. Who Cinematic Universe!
  • That’s not how magnets work… 
  • The whip to the mouth!
  • The Robomen lunch scene! 5 out of 80 minutes of this movie was spent on this schtick! 
  • Instead of the Mystery Machine, they had a Rebel Machine!
  • Are you SURE he’s going to follow you to Watford? YES! We’ll have to bypass Watford…
  • The barrel-roll shotgun blast gets the MVP!
  • Attack the Daleks! No take-backs!
    • This order cannot be countermanded

Who’s Who?

  • Who is Louise?
    • She is, in fact, NOT Barbara
  • Who is Susan?
    • She’s like 12
  • Who is Tom Campbell?
    • A police officer who went into the wrong police box at the wrong time
    • He’s athletic as crap with that door stunt!
  • Who is Dr. Who?

Is that how that works?!

  • Which is crazier? The Dalek’s plan to blast the metallic core of the earth into the sun, or the Doctor’s plan to divert the explosion into a magnetic convergence of the north and south poles that will suck the Daleks, and ONLY the Daleks, into the earth’s core?!
  • Completely unrelated, the final scene with the cop stopping the robbers flies in the face of all of Doctor Who Canon.

Overall impressions

  • Overall rating out of 10 – 
    • Jared – 8 Was that Austin Powers, but serious?
    • Austin – 9 it doesn’t deserve it
    • Corbin – 9 greasers
    • Tripp – 10 for all the wrong reasons 

The Game Plan 

  • Next week we’re covering the Best of Thirteen and we’re covering Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror .

After that is the Easter Special Legend of the Sea Devils.


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