193 The Best of Ten: Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead

This is the one where we haven’t met River Song yet. Also there’s carnivorous shadows and existential horror. And River takes forever to say everybody lives.

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Welcome to Episode 193, covering series 4, episodes 8 & 9: Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead

Super-short Recap

This is the one where we haven’t met River Song yet. Also there’s carnivorous shadows and existential horror. And River takes forever to say everybody lives.

Production notes

Wibbly Wobbly memories

  • Tripp
    • Who’s the little girl?
    • Thought this scene was Eleven
    • Thought he threw the chicken leg BEFORE Evangelista got eaten
  • Corbin
    • We all remembered Evangelista’s face a little differently
  • Austin
    • I completely forgot about Donna’s existential nightmare!


  • Name of the episode spoken in dialogue?
    • nope
  • Creature of the week
    • Vashta Nerada – it’s what’s in the dark, it’s what’s always in the dark
    • Piranhas of the air
    • Literally the shadows that melt the flesh
    • Dust in the sunlight
  • Sonic 
    • Donna learns it doesn’t do wood
    • River has one!
      • It looks just like mine. 
      • No it doesn’t at all!
      • So one day I’m just going to give you my sonic? 
        • NO! He doesn’t!
    • Dryers interfere with it
  • Catchphrases
    • That’s why I love a little shop!
    • I’m sorry, Proper Dave. I’m so, so sorry.
  • Random Jiggery Pokery
    • Squareness gun!
      • Moffat loves his squareness gun!
      • It’s always crooked
  • Jibberty Jabberty
    • Holovids, direct to brain downloads, fiction-mist
  • Existential horror
    • The whole idea of the data ghost is just horrifying
    • The real world is a lie, and your nightmares are real!
    • Mummy, when you’re not here, it’s like we’re not here either.
    • Donna lived almost a decade in under an hour. The other 4022 were in there for 100 years!

Other stuff we noticed

  • Spoilers! 
    • The Doctor said it at the beginning of the episode, before River showed up, and said it multiple times
  • I never land on Sundays, Sundays are boring. 
    • Until Thirteen!
  • A computer would never stop counting at 1 trillion
  • The monotone reading of that panicked message is hilarious
  • Other Dave and Proper Dave
  • I love that the music is playing on the TV the little girl is watching!
  • CAL has every kid’s dream! A remote to shut up their parents!
  • Why were they all in the same clothes, and Donna wasn’t.

Who’s Who?

  • Who is Donna? 
    • Sometimes you need the element of surprise for boyfriends?
    • The many fake lives of Donna Noble
      • She lives a whole fake life with a whole fake family in this story
      • She lives a whole alternate life in Turn Left
      • She then had her memory of her time with the Doctor wiped!
    • She’s been dieting!
    • Her perfect man was gorgeous and hardly able to say a word. What does that say about me? Everything. Did I say that out loud.
      • And she never knew he was real!
  • Who is River?
    • Look at you, you’re young.
      • YOU’RE young!
    • Diaries
      • Crash of the Byzantium
      • Picnic at Asgard
    • Dude, it’s so much more tragic watching this the second time
    • You’ve only just met him. No he’s only just met me
    • She sent a message to his psychic paper but it arrived earlier than she planned
      • Is there a bit of discontinuity
    • Ten isn’t HER Doctor. Eleven is clearly her Doctor. 
      • I’ve seen whole armies turn and run (Demons Run), he’d just swagger off and open his TARDIS with the snap of his fingers
    • The last time she saw him, he showed up on her doorstep with a haircut and a new suit. You took me to the Towers of Dariliium.
    • Blah blah blah blah blah… Everybody lives!
  • Who is the Tenth Doctor?
    • Corbin didn’t remember the blue suit!
    • Look at me old and thick. Heads to full of stuff, I need a bigger head
    • I’m a time traveler, I point and laugh at archaeologists 
    • Oh I’M pretty boy?
    • He’s the only story you’ll ever tell… if you survive him.
      • River trusts him to the end of the universe. And actually, we’ve been.
    • It’s a carnivorous swarm in a suit, you can’t reason with it! Five minutes!
    • This gob doesn’t stop for anything!
    • I’ll try not to die, trust me it’s my main thing!
    • I’m the Doctor and you’re in the biggest library in the universe… look me up!
    • Are you alright? I’m always alright.
    • Everybody knows that everybody dies. But nobody knows it like the Doctor. But not every day. Today…
      • Some days are special. Some days are so so blessed. Some days nobody dies at all. Now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call…….. Everybody LIVES!

Overall impressions

  • How did you like it this time compared to last time?
    • Jared – 
    • Austin – loved it then love it even more now
    • Corbin – 
    • Tripp – like it better 

The Game Plan 

  • Next week, we’re going back to our Master Plan to watch the 20th anniversary special The Five Doctors

After that, we’re covering Groundhog Day! Sort of… We’ll be doing Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Season 5, episode 18 entitled Cause and Effect.


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