179 The Halloween Apocalypse

This is the one where the Doctor and her companion (sad) fight a dog, fight a candy skull, fight each other, and fight the Nothing from the Never Ending Story.

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Welcome to Episode 179 covering Series 13 episode 1: The Halloween Apocalypse.

Super-short Recap

This is the one where the Doctor and her companion (sad) fight a dog, fight a candy skull, fight each other, and fight the Nothing from the Never Ending Story. And they introduce at least five other clearly relevant characters. And then my brain died!

Production notes

  • Story #297a
  • Originally aired October 31, 2021 to 4.43 million viewers
  • Written by: Chibs
  • Directed by: Jamie Magnus Stone

Misc Trivia

  • This was the first episode to take place on Halloween. I couldn’t find anything to tell me if it was the first ever to AIR on Halloween. 
  • It’s also, therefore, one of only 5 episodes that took place on the exact date of its airing
    • The End of Time – December 25, 2009
    • The Big Bang – June 26, 2010
    • The Impossible Astronaut – April 22, 2011
    • Resolution – January 1, 2019
    • There were other Christmas episodes that aired on Christmas, but apparently only The End of Time was on Christmas of the SAME YEAR.
  • First episode to feature an all-female TARDIS crew!


  • Daniel Lewis – John Bishop
    • Big name comedian in the UK
  • Karvanista – Craig Els
    • There was a minisode prequel featuring Dan reading a RIDICULOUSLY accurate horoscope with his friend, played by Els
  • Vinder – Jacob Anderson
    • He was as a big a deal as John Bishop during the lead-up
    • He was in Broadchurch
    • Greyworm in Game of Thrones
  • Weeping Angel – credited as Barabara Fadden, which I don’t understand at all
  • Kragar – DAN STARKEY!
    • Braden said “it’s Strax!” and we were all like, no no no, it’s a Sontaran, but it’s not Strax.
    • Well it WAS Dan Flippin Starkey!


  • Name of the episode spoken in dialogue?
    • nope
  • Creature of the week
    • The Flux
      • It’s not spreading out uniformly, it’s like it is headed in a direction
      • It’s like The Nothing
      • Compromises the base-level structure of everything it touches
      • Disrupting every particle it comes in contact with
      • She can feel the universe breaking
      • The end of the universe is chasing us!
      • It completely absorbed vortex energy
    • What’s with the TARDIS lying on its side? And the net?
    • The Thirteen-Yaz (Thaz?) shippers went NUTS about the double bed
    • Did you have to land in the DEAD MIDDLE of the street?!
    • Multiple doors, in increasingly weird places
    • She’s now straight up talking to the TARDIS
      • Is it alive? I’ve no idea, but they do chat
    • Cloister Bell! Was this the first time during the Chibnall era?
    • I can’t outrun it!
      • Why not?!?!?!?!?! Just dematerialize.
  • Sonic 
    • Pager function to alert her the Lupari are getting closer
  • Random Jiggery Pokery
    • Why did the random laptop shrink the house
  • Name Dropping
    • Trapezium Seven –  a high-gravity circus where they were the top two in their class
  • Adventures in closed captioning!
    • Chuckles evilly. Laughs evilly.

Other stuff we noticed

  • What’s with the Bond-villainesque death trap at the beginning?!
  • Return of the hopper virus that Ryan had on Orphan 55.
  • The Sontaran was 30 trillion light years away. Isn’t the observable universe like 30 BILLION across?

Who’s Who? 

  • Who is Karvanista?
    • A Lupari
    • Vanquisher of a thousand civilizations
    • Tried a Jedi mind trick that didn’t work
    • You’ve defiled the sacred legacy of my forebears! You don’t look anything like four bears!
    • He seems to resent being paired with Dan
      • You’re utterly insignificant
    • I need to see a man about a dog
    • He was a Division operative. The only one she can find alive
    • The Lupari are pair-bonded with humanity. They’re on Species Recall.
  • Who is Williamson?
    • The guy in 1820 digging underground
    • He seems a little nutso about something. Something that lies ahead, the cataclysmic, the impossible.
  • Who is Swarm?
    • Imprisoned since the dawn of the universe, but people exaggerate
    • He looked like Bannakaffalatta for a second there!
    • His death ray blast thing looked a lot like the Flux
    • They were so efficient. There’s not a tiny corner that remembers. You and I dancing across space and time, locked in combat. And now after so much time, we get to do it once more.
    • Our final fight has begun
    • Apparently he definitely regenerated at the beginning. It was two different actors and everything!
      • I thought he was just healing or something, each time he absorbed someone. But he only changed the one time.
      • The Wikia is DEFINITELY calling it a regeneration.
  • Who is Azure?
    • She rejected the emergency call at first
    • Why was she disguised as a human?
  • Who is Claire?
    • She didn’t expect to see them here tonight. 
    • We’ve met, in the past, i think… if it’s true
    • She already knows the Weeping Angels
  • Who is Vinder?
    • On Observation Outpost Rose
    • 21,754 rotations on post, with NO changes!
      • 59.6 years if it’s earth rotations. 
      • That doesn’t seem likely
  • Who is Dan Lewis?
    • He poses as a guide at the Museum of Liverpool
    • What’s the point of living if you can’t make people happy.
    • He’s a stickler for the rules of trick or treating!
    • A dog shot me!
    • Pro-tip, don’t grasp a possibly electrified bar with your WHOLE HAND!
    • TARDIS reaction – I had a mate who had one of those, I think his was a bit bigger
  • Who is Yasmin “Yaz” Khan?
    • She’s a dang co-pilot now!
    • She has a lot of experience breaking out of cells, etc.
    • Got a mate who’s an alien
  • Who is the Doctor?
    • Maybe I was Scottish when I set them up!
    • Don’t lick the glowy floor!
    • You know what, Yaz? I don’t mention everything!
    • Synchronize watches. Forget that, I’m not wearing a watch.
    • What’s the FLUX?!?!??!?!?! That was a BIG reaction to something she just heard about.
    • Nice to meet you Dan. Run for your life!
    • I don’t understand it, I HATE not understanding!
    • The end of the universe. I always wondered what it would feel like.

Classic Who Connection

  • The Doctor mentions Nitro 9 explosives, invented by Ace when she traveled with the Seventh Doctor.
  • Sontarans!
  • The Cloister bell is heard again
  • There was a Classic Who enemy called the Swarm, but it was a virus enemy and invisible, except for the lightning effect the show used to show it moving in the serial The Invisible Enemy

Overall impressions 

  • Overall rating out of 10
    • Jared – 9 Flux capacitors
    • Austin – 10 Bannakaffallatas 
    • Corbin – 9 azure skulls
    • Tripp – 9 names that have nothing to do with the episode 
  • Creep Level – out of 500
    • Jared – 200
    • Austin – 75
    • Corbin – 10
    • Tripp – 20

Listener Input 

  • I want to give a shout out to Cindy. I noticed today that our Facebook posts don’t get a whole lot of views and even less clicks, but Cindy likes every post I put up. Thanks, Cindy! We like you too!


  • Jared – Swarm was a Time Lord or comes from the attempt to give Time Lords regenerations (connected to the TImeless Child storyline).
  • Tripp – Swarm made the flux as the ultimate challenge to the doctor. The doctor and swarm are from the same dimension, but not same race. Dan is descendant of williamson. Williamson figured something out that made dan special. Karvanista knows it and underplays it. Dan is somehow important to the division. 

The Game Plan 

  • Doctor Who: Flux Chapter 2, The War of the Sontarans
  • After Series 13, we want to do a Best Of series. We’re going to cover our favorite story from each NuWho Doctor, and then our favorite Festive special! And by “our” I mean “all of us”. Go to noobsandthewhovian.com/bestof to take the survey and help us pick the very best of NuWho.


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