170 Spyfall Parts 1 & 2

This is the one where the doctor and her companions get attacked by a car, get lazer boots, fight an insane spyMASTER, and defeat interdimensional glowing fedora men.

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Welcome to Episode 170 covering series 12 episodes 1 and 2: Spyfall Part 1 and 2 

Super-short Recap

This is the one where the doctor and her companions get attacked by a car, get lazer boots, fight an insane spyMASTER, and defeat interdimensional glowing fedora men. 

Production notes

  • Story #288
  • Originally aired January 1 & 5, 2020 to 6.89 & 6.07 million
  • Written by: Chris Chibnall
  • Directed by: Jamie Magnus Stone & Lee Haven Jones

Misc Trivia

  • Closest two episodes at only 4 days apart
  • First episode with a “Previously…” voiceover. It had only ever been text before.
  • This episode and The Return of Doctor Mysterio both aired exactly one year after its preceding episode.


  • C – Stephen Fry
    • In A Bit of Fry & Laurie, he often played the head of a spy agency who was named Control. This was a nod to that.
    • Stephen Fry has done SO much stuff, I don’t know where to begin.
    • QI
    • Mythos
    • Narrator for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    • Master of Lake-town in the Hobbit movies


  • Name of the episode spoken in dialogue?
    • Nope
    • First title to just be Parts 1 & 2 since 2009-2010’s The End of Time
      • These two also both aired, in part, on New Year’s Day, AND on the first day of their decade
  • Creature of the week
    • Kasaavins
      • Glowing people wearing fedoras
      • What happened to them at the end of the episode 
    • She’s got it up on a lift, she’s just draining the water slides and the boat lakes and the rainforest floor.
    • Somewhere in the lower substrata, there’s a wardrobe. I think it’s just past the karaoke buses
    • O would really like to take a ride onto the TARDIS. 
      • His reaction: Ridiculous. Was he mocking her?
    • It’s blue when she’s blue
    • The time vortex shifted red when they broke into Gallifrey’s bubble
  • Name Dropping
    • Remember our trip to the Great Kalisperon Bike-Off?
  • The Doctor Loves Stuff
    • I love a laminator
  • Adventures in closed captioning!
    • Why did it say “Regular-speed footage”?!

Other stuff we noticed

  • In five seconds, die!
  • In the absence of UNIT, MI6 had to team up with every intelligence agency in the world
    • AND Torchwood
  • Tongue-immobilizing gum
  • VOR – can we just say Google? It’s Google, right?
    • It’s funny that we’ve heard about Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in this universe, but when it’s time to smear one as a global conspiracy, we have to make up VOR.
  • His DNA is only 93% human, what’s the other 7%? 
    • Corbin: Lunch?

Who’s Who? 

  • Who is O?
    • That was an aggressive button push!
    • He’s the Master!
    • When I kill them, it’s like knowing I’m in the right place doing what I was meant to do.
    • Have we seen them do telepathic communication before?
    • Tiny teutonic psychic perception filter
    • He lived through from 1943 to 2020?!
      • Why didn’t he meet up with himself and confer?
  • Who is Ryan Sinclair?
    • I decided my cover name is Logan and now I’m worried that I look nothing like Hugh Jackman!
    • Somehow logan existed
  • Who is Graham O’Brien?
    • Don’t panic, especially you Graham. And I did say don’t talk back to the screens. AY?!
    • Tap dancing laser shoes!
  • Who is Yasmin “Yaz” Khan?
    • Alexa hates her dad’s voice
    • Taking after the Doctor
    • Apparently Yaz thinks a forest is nothingness… 
    • What would the Doctor ask right now? What do we have at our disposal.
      • She’s really learning from the Doctor!
    • Yaz’s dad was right again! Conspiracy!
  • Who is the Doctor?
    • I’ve read the files, the Doctor is a man. I’ve had an upgrade!
    • I can read pixels
    • She lived in the Outback for 123 years
    • She met O when she was a man. When she was a WHAT?!
    • I have a whole section on her over there. Lot of inconsistencies… 
      • *stares into camera*
    • The name’s Doctor. THE Doctor.
    • Playing Snap instead of Black Jack!
    • She’s really hard to get rid of
    • The Apparating Man, Lady! The Apparating Lady! Every time.
    • Strongly disapprove of Ada using the gun. Grenades? That’s cool.
    • The Doctor of Hope
      • Where there’s risk, there’s hope
      • These are the dark times, but they don’t sustain. Darkness never sustains, though sometimes it can feel like it.
    • Do the fascists win? Never! Now, I’m going to wipe that fact from your mind. Feel better!
      • Wait… why did she have to wipe Noor and Ada’s memories? She didn’t wipe King James, or Queen Elizabeth, or like… anyone else!
    • They still don’t know where she’s from or anything
      • Until the end of this episode
    • She’s a big fan of being alive

Can we talk about CRISPR?

Overall impressions

  • Overall rating out of 10
    • Jared – 7 double entendre titles
    • Austin – 9 flying houses
    • Corbin – 8 impossible things
    • Tripp – 8.5 glowing fedoras 
  • Creep Level – out of 500
    • Jared – 100
    • Austin – 200
    • Corbin – 50
    • Tripp – 45


  • Who is the Timeless Child?
    • Tripp – something from the Doctor and the Master’s past that they don’t remember
    • Corbin – it’s not related to them at all
  • What does it all mean?

The Game Plan 

  • Next week, we’re covering series 12 episode 3, Orphan 55


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