154 The Deadly Assassin

This is the one where the Doctor has a vision about himself killing the president, kills the president, but doesn’t and then he gets stuck in the matrix and totally dies for a second but who cares. Plus they destroy half of Gallifrey.

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Welcome to Episode 154 covering season 14 serial number 3, The Deadly Assassin.

Super-short Recap

This is the one where the Doctor has a vision about himself killing the president, kills the president, but doesn’t and then he gets stuck in the matrix and totally dies for a second but who cares. Plus they destroy half of Gallifrey.

Production notes

  • Directed by: David Maloney

Misc Trivia 

  • As Jared mentioned in his primer episode, this was the only episode in Classic Who that didn’t have a companion
    • However, if you take into account the brief cameos of Donna at the beginning and end of Midnight, Clara’s “appearance” in the Doctor’s mind TARDIS, and the occasional companions-that-never-were (I’m looking at you, Lady de Souza!), this is still the only story that doesn’t feature a companion AT ALL.
  • It’s also the only story that features only one race (Gallifreyans) and the first story where no human appears.
  • The biplane that appears in the Matrix was also used in filming Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


  • Castellan Spandrell – George Pravda
    • He was Austrian
  • The Master – Peter Pratt
    • He was more well-known as a stage actor, particularly for his portrayals in Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. 
    • He only appeared in Doctor Who for this single story, and that shot at the end is the closest we ever got to actually seeing his face!


  • Name of the episode spoken in dialogue?
    • nope!
  • Creature of the week
    • The Master – more on him later
  • Jiggery Pokery
    • TARDIS
      • Holy wood paneling 
      • It’s a Type 40, out of commission, obsolete
      • The barrier is a double curtain trimonic so you will need a cypher-indent key to get in.
      • Type 40 TT capsules
      • It doesn’t have an uppy-downy thingy!
      • It’s appearance was infinitely variable (sooooo, not true of ALL TARDIS?)
    • Sonic
      • Was there no sonic screwdriver in this whole story?
    • Misc
      • Set your stasers!
      • You have no idea of the complexity of applied excitonics!
      • Using the scarf like Indiana Jones’ whip was amazing!

Other stuff we noticed 

  • Celestial Intervention Agency!
  • The Transduction effect was pretty awesome… 
  • The chalk outline of the President was hilarious!
  • The Doctor is gonna get killed by a shopping mall train!
    • BTW, his foot was NOT between those rails!
  • I reject this reality!
  • The Time Lords are garbage people
    • At least, those in charge are.
    • The Cardinal just makes up crap as history!
  • Resistance is futile now! (The Master)
  • Why do they talk about Rassilon in the past tense?

Who’s Who?

  • Who are the Time Lords?
    • Apparently they have local news?
    • They didn’t wear the headdresses often, they were ceremonial
    • Somehow they recognize each other even post-regeneration
      • Runcible recognized the Doctor but said “have you had a facelift?”
    • This is the first mention of Rassilon and apparently we never truly meet him in Classic Who. There is a brief encounter with an apparition of him (from beyond the grave, possibly?), but it’s not until The End of Time that we see him on screen, making that a MUCH bigger reveal than I ever realized.
  • Who is the Fourth Doctor?
    • He’s a Slytherin, I mean, Prydonian
    • Why did he get a vision?!
    • His hair curls when it’s about to rain, or when he’s onto something
  • Who is the Master?
    • It seems like he’s wearing a mask. Tripp was actually confused about this saying “What’s he wearing?”
    • He can shrink people
    • He’s utterly unknown by the Time Lords. There’s no record of him (the Master deleted it)
    • Hatred is his weakness. He’d delay an execution to pull the wings off a fly!
    • Even in extremis, I wear the Sash of Rasillon.
      • Dang, did he just silently fall off that cliff?
    • Wait, literally NO ONE saw him fall?! Why do they think he fell at all?
    • His TARDIS was a grandfather clock!
      • Wait, Timelords have grandfather clocks?!

Overall impressions

  • Overall rating out of 10 – 
    • Jared – 9 missing sonic screwdrivers
    • Austin – 7 face socks
    • Corbin – 7 halloween city masks
    • Tripp –  6 doctors stuck on a train track 

Can we talk about the Master’s skull?

  • They had a very similar situation to Hartnell on their hands. They tragically lost an actor playing a key recurring role. When they faced something like this with Hartnell, they INVENTED regeneration! Why didn’t they embrace that with the Master?

The Game Plan

  • Next we cover Series 10 episode 9, Empress of Mars.


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