152.5 Master Plan Primer #1

Jared brings us up to speed with the Master and the state of Classic Who as we prepare for The Deadly Assassin.

The Master 

  • First appears with the Third Doctor
  • Originally played by Roger Delgado
  • Before this episode, Roger Delgado passed away in a car accident, so the current Master is played by Peter Pratt.
  • The Master’s regeneration into his thirteenth incarnation left him horribly disfigured. This is because he has lived a very “rackety” life with constant pressure and danger, and he used some previous incarnations as disguises. Not all of this is explained in the TV series. 
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The Deadly Assassin

  • The Fourth Doctor has just dropped off Sarah Jane Smith back at home, so this is his first adventure without a companion.
  • This serial introduced a lot of information about Time Lords that were previously unknown.
    • Time Lord Chapters
    • The Matrix
    • The Time Lord headdresses and robes
    • Rassilon
    • And the limit on regenerations
  • This is the first time a serial opens with a narration.
  • The Doctor comes to Gallifrey in the first place because he was summoned there in the previous serial.