143 Doctor Who: The Movie

This is the one where the Doctor spends half the episode almost dead and the other half fully insane.

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My name is Austin and I’m the Whovian, and these are my sons Corbin and Tripp and we’re the noobs! And joining us is our Classic Who guru, Jared!

This is the podcast that introduces a whole new generation to Doctor Who by watching an episode each week and discussing it from the perspective of a dad who’s seen it before, and two sons who haven’t… AND JARED!!!!!

Welcome to Episode 143, covering the 1996 movie Doctor Who: The Movie. 

Production notes

  • Premiered May 14, 1996 
  • Written by: Matthew Jacobs
  • Directed by: Geoffrey Sax

Misc Trivia

  • Disney tried to buy the franchise, the whole thing!


  • Pete at the morgue – Will Sasso
    • MADtv
    • Curly in the 2012 Three Stooges movie
    • Mooska in The Orville
  • The Master – Eric Roberts
    • Maroni in The Dark Knight
    • If you’re wondering “what do I know him from?” the answer is EVERYTHING!
    • This man doesn’t sleep! He has 616 acting credits to his name, starting in 1964
  • Paul Mcgann
    • A few things


  • Name of the episode spoken in dialogue?
  • Creature of the week
  • Jiggery Pokery
    • TARDIS 
      • I LOVE the Gothic mansion TARDIS
      • The cloister room!
      • The Eye of Harmony looks a bit less impressive in this one
      • There’s a hide-a-key over the P in Police Box 
    • Sonic
      • First time we’ve seen it since the Fifth Doctor story, The Visitation in 1982
      • Even though he really didn’t get to use it at all.
    • Psychic paper
    • Random 

Other stuff we noticed

  • The time vortex was very NuWho
  • This director must have a thing for eyeballs!
    • Including the eye-keeper-open-thingy
  • A guy was dressed as the resurrected Doctor and freaked out Pete

Who’s Who?

  • Who is Chang Lee?
    • The Master had a companion
    • That was the name of the doctor at Dark Water that Missy shouted for. DOCTOR CHAAAAAANG!
    • That might be the BEST bigger-on-the-inside reaction ever!
  • Who is Grace?
    • We didn’t get a bigger-on-the-inside moment from her at all
    • She invited him to come with HER!
    • What do we think of her as a companion?
    • Do you think if this reboot had worked, Eight would have gone back for her?
  • Who is the Master?
    • He’s actually Alex Mac?!
    • What’s with the eyes?
    • Why was the master a snake?
    • Nice outfit!
  • Who is the Seventh Doctor?
    • He got whacked by the Yakuza?!
    • His x-ray had two hearts
  • Who is the Eighth Doctor?
    • Lee wrote his name down as John Smith
    • You have to get me out of here before they kill me again!
    • He’s a name dropper
      • Da Vinci had a cold the day he drew that
      • I was with Puccini when he died
      • He got on well with Freud
      • He knew Marie Curie intimately
    • His amnesia is a convenient way of introducing the audience to the backstory
    • I love humans, seeing patterns where there are none
    • How does he have detailed knowledge of these two companions?

Overall impressions

  • Overall rating out of 10
    • Jared – 7 Long Regenerations
    • Austin – 8 snake eyes
    • Corbin – 8 goo cobras
    • Tripp – 8 sudden deaths 
  • Creep Level – out of 500
    • Jared – 19
    • Austin – 
    • Corbin – 
    • Tripp – 20

The Game Plan 

  • Next week, we head back to Christmas for The Return of Doctor Mysterio
  • Next after that is the Series 10 opener, The Pilot
  • Show Schedule 


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