134 Timey Wimey #14 Interstellar

This is the one where Matthew McConaughey films the saddest Lincoln commercial ever. But for real this is the one Matthew McConauham and Catwoman save the human race by traveling through time and space.

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Welcome to episode 134, Timey Wimey #14 – Interstellar 

This is the one where Matthew McConaughey films the saddest Lincoln commercial ever.

But for real this is the one Matthew McConauham and Catwoman save the human race by traveling through time and space.

Who’s responsible for this?! (Production Notes)

  • Director – Christopher Nolan 
    • Memento, Inception, The Prestige, Dark Knight Trilogy, Tenet
    • He likes telling stories in the wrong order… a lot
  • Writers – Jonathan & Christopher Nolan
    • Jonathan also worked on Memento, The Prestige, & Dark Knight Rises

Where do I know that guy from? (Cast)

  • Coop – Matthew McConaughey
    • This movie gave us the saddest Lincoln commercial ever
  • Nolan likes to reuse his actors!
  • Professor Dr. Brand – Michael Caine
    • Alfred
    • Professor in Inception
  • Other Dr. Brand – Anne Hathaway
    • Catwoman
    • Princess Diaries
  • Romilly – David Gyasi
    • Played skinny prisoner in Dark Knight Rises

Wait, what happened?! (Plot)

  • Plot holes (Corbin has feelings)
  • Typical non-linear story-telling of Nolan, it starts out with Murph as an old woman telling the story of her dad.

What have we learned today? (Themes)

  • Murphy’s law – anything that can go wrong, will
    • Coop says “anything COULD happen”
  • I can’t be your ghost right now. I need to exist. They chose me, you’re the one who showed them to me.
    • It was you, you were my ghost.
      • Wait, what? How’d she come to that conclusion
  • Do not go gentle…
    • Do not go gentle into that good night,
      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
      Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
      Because their words had forked no lightning they
      Do not go gentle into that good night.
  • What’s love got to do with it?!
    • 90 minutes into this very science-based story, all of sudden the answer is love?
  • The needs of the many – it got loud here!
    • Dr. Mann – this is not about my life, or Cooper’s life. This is about all mankind. There is a momentBOOOOOM!

Is that how that works?!

  • Time dilation
  • Sending information out of the black hole

Random stuff we noticed

  • “The moon landing was faked” is now the official position of US government
  • When is this movie taking place?
  • The lines in the dust didn’t seem to be long enough to give lat-long coordinates in binary
  • They rely on CB radio instead of cellphones
    • Is there a single cellphone in the movie?
  • Corbin – Coop kept wearing his wedding ring after his wife died
  • A giant sarcastic robot, what a great idea.
    • But it’s at 90% honesty
    • What’s your trust level at, TARS? Lower than your, apparently.
    • Humor setting 75%. Confirmed. Self-destruct in 10, 9… make that 60%
  • What you thought it would be just a hole?
  • Miller’s planet – 1 hour = 7 years
    • 23 years, 4 months, 8 days = 8,529 days = 3 hours 20 minutes
      • Lots of questions online about this timeline
  • That docking sequence was like the longest scene in the film!
    • 49 minutes into the 2 hour 49 minute film, we got to space
    • We literally paused and said “ok, now that we’ve watched a show, we have a whole movie left!”
  • They foreshadow the lie
  • Old Murph was wearing the watch!
    • I used to wonder why They didn’t send Coop back to Murph as a young woman. This time around, I realized that was the point behind him saying “This little maneuver is going to cost us about 55 years!” when sling shotting around Gargantua.

Time travel details:


  • Wormholes! And science… Or gravity… or love… 


  • Can you change the past?
    • They didn’t bring us here to change the past
    • They’re 5th dimensional beings, but they’re not bound by space and time. They’re not bound by it so they can’t interact with it.


  • Bootstraps on bootstraps!
  • Coop sent himself to the NASA facility after “they” sent the wormhole to save “themselves” 
    • They didn’t bring us at all, we brought ourselves

Was it good?

Was it a good story? 

  • Tripp – Yes!
  • Corbin – yes
  • Austin – ab-so-flippin-lutely!

Was it a good time travel story?

  • Tripp – yes?
  • Corbin – yes
  • Austin – YES!

The Game Plan 

  • Next week, we doing Series 9 Episode 7-8, The Zygon Invasion and the The Zygon Inversion.


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