133 The Woman Who Lived

This is the one where the Doctor and not Clara, but actually Lady Me fight space lions and talk about immortality. A lot.

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Welcome to Episode 133, covering series 8 episodes 6: The Woman Who Lived

This is the one where the Doctor and not Clara, but actually Lady Me fight space lions and talk about immortality. A lot.

Production notes

  • Story #257
  • Originally aired October 24 2015 to 6.11 million viewers
  • Written by: Catherine Tregenna
  • Directed by: Ed Bazalgette


  • Name of the episode spoken in dialogue?
  • Creature of the week
    • Leandro
      • Leo + andros, literally “lion-man”! Someone actually said that at the gallows
  • Jiggery Pokery
    • TARDIS 
    • Sonic
    • Psychic paper
      • It was a pardon for Sam Swift
    • Random 
      • Curioscanner – it scans for curios, I just realized how it got it’s name.
  • Adventures in closed captioning!
    • The Doctor said “Of course!” but the CC said “Oh, sh*t!”

Other stuff we noticed 

  • Purple is the color of death, but yellow is the light of immortality?

Who’s Who?

  • Who is Ashildr?
    • Who IS Ashildr? She doesn’t remember that name, or the village.
    • The trouble of an infinite life and a normal-sized memory… 
      • 800 years and she’s forgotten most of it
      • Would this be the way it is?
    • Every other name died with whoever knew me. I’m just Me. Singular. Unattached. My own companion.
      • On a companion-lite episode!
    • 10,000 hours is all you need to be an expert, 100,000 and you’re the best there’s ever been. 
      • I don’t have to be indestructible, I’m superb!
    • She was a wife, daughter, and mother. She was a soldier, a queen, now a master thief
    • You didn’t save my life, you trapped me in it!
    • The patron saint of the Doctor’s leftovers.
  • Who is the Doctor?
    • No puns and no banter
    • You’ve got your dad as your sidekick?
    • Why wouldn’t he take her with him?! Of all people, he should have had sympathy on her.
    • I just want you to attack first, then my conscience is clear.
    • He’s so used to leaving behind companions knowing that they will blow away like smoke. But she endured, for centuries
    • People like us, we go on too long. The last thing we need is each other. We need the mayflies.
    • Are you going to stop traveling with me because I said a thing?

Classic Who Connections 

  • The Doctor mentioned to Me that The Great Fire of London was coming, and she responded that perhaps she starts it, but he corrects her that it was started by the Terileptils, in reference to the serial The Visitation with the Fifth Doctor.
    • According to history books the Great Fire of London was in the year 1666 and began in a bakery on Pudding Lane. 
    • It raged for 5 days destroying and estimated 70,000 Londoners out of a total of 80,000 
    • Most blame the severity of the fire on the Lord Mayor of London at the time Sir Thomas Bloodworth who hesitated to allow buildings to be destroyed as firebreaks (a very common method of firefighting at the time) and by the time he acted, strong winds swept through the city spreading the fire out of control.
    • In The Visitation the fire is started when the Fifth Doctor drops a torch in Pudding Lane, but it is spread by the Terileptils’s weapons
    • The Fourth Doctor said he had been blamed for starting it in the serial Pyramids of Mars
  • While there is no TV series evidence of The Doctor being at the Battle of Agincourt, the Fourth Doctor said that his companion, Leela, would have loved the battle in The Talons of Weng-Chiang
  • Sam Swift calls Me a “dandy prat”. In The Three Doctors The First Doctor calls the Third doctor a “dandy” when they first meet.

Overall impressions

  • Overall rating out of 10 – 
    • Jared – 6.5 punny names
    • Austin – 7 Liono’s
    • Corbin – 7 really old guys
    • Tripp – 7.5 Lady Me’s 
  • Creep Level – out of 500
    • Jared – 25
    • Austin – 50
    • Corbin – 10
    • Tripp – 30

The Game Plan

  • Next week, we’re finally doing our Timey Wimey on Interstellar
  • It’s on Amazon, but not Prime.
  • After that, it’s the two-parter The Zygon Invasion and The Zygon Inversion.


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