128 Last Christmas

This is the one where the Doctor and Clara get slowly eaten by headcrabs from Half Life and get sent through five dream levels.

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Welcome to Episode 128, series 8 Christmas special: Last Christmas 

This is the one where Cobb does the impossible by attempting to plant an idea inside of a person’s head… wait sorry that’s Inception. This is the one where the Doctor and Clara get slowly eaten by headcrabs from Half Life and get sent through five dream levels. Also we say goodbye to Danny… again. Sad Clara. 

Production notes

  • Story #253
  • Originally aired Christmas Day, 2014 to 8.28 million viewers
  • Written by: Steven Moffat
  • Directed by: Paul Wilmshurst

Misc Trivia

  • We said in the last episode that it seemed like Clara was leaving. As it turns out, this was going to be her last episode. Moffat and Capaldi talked her into doing another season and she finally changed her mind very late in the game, perhaps as late as the read-through, which lead to a last minute change of the ending.
    • According to Moffat, they had a new companion in this episode. If you had to guess who it was, who would you guess?
  • Two fan theories…


  • Professor Albert – Michael Troughton
    • Patrick Troughton’s son!
  • Ian the Elf – Dan Starkey!
    • This marks Dan’s third Christmas Special in a row. He was Strax in The Snowmen, Commander Skarr in The Time of the Doctor, then Ian in Last Christmas
    • In addition, this was Jenna Coleman’s third Christmas Special, appearing as an echo Clara in The Snowmen, then as original Clara in The Time of the Doctor and Last Christmas.
      • She’s the first companion to appear in 3!
  • Santa Claus – Nick Frost
    • Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul
    • Basically everything Simon Pegg has done that wasn’t Star Trek or Mission Impossible 


  • Name of the episode spoken in dialogue?
    • Do you know why people get together at Christmas? Because every time they do, it could be their last. Every Christmas is last Christmas.
    • Who ya gonna call? Just one last time, huh? One last Christmas, as if your life depended on it, believe in Santa.
  • Creature of the week
    • Dream crab – Kantrofarri
      • The legend says “if you think about a dream crab, a dream crab is coming for you.
      • Curse you, Steven Moffat!
  • Stuff the Doctor loves
    • Jiggery Pokery
      • TARDIS 
        • He called it a telephone kiosk
      • Psychic paper
      • Random 
      • Needless sacrificial death
        • Attack Eyebrows
          • The Question/Doctor Who?
          • Jammie Dodger sighting
            • Running count – 4
          • Termy wermy
            • Trying to disprove beardy weirdy
            • Oh as the Doctor would say, it’s all a bit dreamy weamy

          Other stuff we noticed 

          • It was a white Christmas in the time vortex!
          • Helman-Zeiglar test – the only reliable dream test I know
          • None of us knows we’re not dreaming. Not one of us, not one minute of our entire lives.

          Who’s Who?

          • Who is Santa?
            • I can commit several million housebreaks in one night while wearing a red suit and jingle bells, so yeah, I can get back into the infirmary.
            • You’re a dream who’s trying to save us? I’m Santa Claus, I think you just defined me.
          • Who is Clara?
            • She’s a racist, elfist. Which is hypocritical from someone of her height
            • Who is dream-Danny?
              • She made Danny a fraction taller and gave him great dialogue
              • I didn’t die saving the world, I died saving Clara. The rest of you got lucky.
              • He tells Clara to grieve for him 5 minutes a day
            • Clara, page number, make it a good one. Twelve 😉
            • Dream Clara said she learned to fly a plane. Eleven asked her if she could fly a plane in The Bells of St. John
          • Who is the Doctor?
            • A skeleton man
            • She called him a magician!
            • He’s as fake as Santa!
            • I’m scared. Congratulations, that means you’re not an idiot.
            • Do you know what I hate about the obvious?! Missing it!
            • Are you the same people as before? Sorry , I deleted you.

          Classic Who Connections

          • In The Claws of Axos the Third Doctor had Jo Grant focus on Mathematical computations in order to distract her from Axos
          • Santa’s sack was bigger on the inside

          Overall impressions

          • Overall rating out of 10 – 
            • Jared – 8 Remote Control Rudolphs
            • Austin – 9 mucous webs
            • Corbin – 9.5 face crabs
            • Tripp –  SHUT UP IT’S A 10 THATS FINAL!!! out of 10 spider hands 
          • Creep Level – out of 500
            • Jared – 150
            • Austin – 400
            • Corbin – 150
            • Tripp – 200 for creepy hands

          The Game Plan

          • We discovered the BritBox’s Classic Who collections has an extra season (#27) that’s all specials. The first one is The Five(ish) Doctors.
          • So! We’re gonna cover that next week, then head into Series 9 with The Magician’s Apprentice.


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