127 Classic Who Rewind: Remembrance of the Daleks

This is the one where the Doctor and Ace let two factions of the Daleks fight each other for the Hand of Omega. Oh and Ace beats up some Daleks with an electric bat and then jumps through a window.

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Welcome to Episode 127, a Classic Who Rewind covering season 25 episode 1-4: Remembrance of the Daleks

This is the one where the Doctor and Ace let two factions of the Daleks fight each other for the Hand of Omega. Oh and Ace beats up some Daleks with an electric bat and then jumps through a window.

Production notes

  • Story #148
  • Originally aired October 5, 12, 19, & 26, 1988 to 5.5, 5.8, 5.1, & 5.0 million viewers 
  • Written by: Ben Aaronovitch
  • Directed by: Andrew Morgan

Misc Trivia

  • Last week I mentioned the whole thing with Michelle Gomez (Missy)’s birthday, Clara’s birthday, and the premiere of Doctor Who all being Nov. 23. This episode takes place on Nov. 23, 1963
  • Though there was the rest of the season and one more full season after this story, it is the last appearance of the Daleks until the Ninth Doctor episode Dalek in 2005.


  • Johh, the Jamaican cafe guy – Joseph Marcell
    • Geoffrey from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  • Ace – Sophie Aldred
    • Has the same birthday as Sylvester McCoy
    • Sophie Aldred did many of her own stunts, bonding with the new stunt coordinator, Tip Tipping. She found the experience “terrifying” at first. She was also trained in firing guns for the scene where she shoots a Dalek.
    • She came on at the end of the previous season and stayed on the TARDIS until the very end of Classic Who.
    • She’s done tons of Big Finish audio dramas
    • She was also the voice of Muck from Bob the Builder!
  • The Doctor – Sylvester McCoy
    • He was Radagast in the Hobbit trilogy!


  • Name of the episode spoken in dialogue?
    • NOPE! And what did that title even MEAN?!
  • Creature of the week
    • Daleks – little green blobs in bonded polycarbide armor
      • I kinda dig the white and gold Daleks
      • There were two kinds – amoeboid and another with functional appendages and tech grafted on
        • Blobs vs. cybernetic blobs with bits added on
      • Tin covered pepper pots!
      • Special Weapons Dalek
    • Emperor Dalek – what the heck was that all about?!
      • Actually… Davros?
    • The creepy little girl
      • We kept trying to figure out why they were hiding Davros’ face!
      • She has Dalek-Sith lightning?!
  • Jiggery Pokery
    • TARDIS 
      • Was hardly present!

Other stuff we noticed 

  • Who’s on first?
    • Left here. When were they left here? No, turn left here! Left? Right. Right here
  • The headmaster thought the Doctor was there to interview for the job of caretaker at Coal Hill School. Not for a few years!
  • The music was straight out of Beverly Hills Cop!
  • That intro!

Who’s Who?

  • Who is Ace?
    • She’s awesome! Definitely my fav Classic Who companion
    • What movie? Oh it doesn’t matter, I’ve probably already seen it on tv
    • Do me a favor and go drown yourself
  • Who is the Doctor?
    • He reminds me of Rowan Atkinson, something about his accent and speech patterns
    • He says he has 900 years experience with alien tech
    • You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies
    • Your species has the most amazing capacity for self-deception, matched only by its ingenuity when trying to destroy itself.
    • A space vagrant, but he’s the ONLY one who knows what’s going on
      • Only a fool ignores his Doctor
    • Time Lords have an infinite capacity for pretension.
    • He does sleight of hand?
    • And breaks the 4th wall
    • President Elect of the High Counsel of Time Lords, Keeper of the Legacy of Rassilon, Defender of the Laws of Time, Protector of Gallifrey.
    • Um… did he commit genocide again? I mean, he straight up vaporized Skaro!

Overall impressions

  • Overall rating out of 10 – 
    • Austin – 9 blind priests
    • Corbin – 8 dalek lightning hands
    • Tripp – 7.5 black daleks
  • Creep Level – out of 500
    • Austin – 50
    • Corbin – 30
    • Tripp – 30

Listener Input 

  • We’re still charting in Australia! We’re currently #138 in the TV Reviews category.
  • We were also, apparently, #140 for a few weeks in the same category… in Singapore.

The Game Plan

  • Next week, it’s the 2014 Christmas Special Last Christmas, then we’re gonna PIVOT!
  • We discovered the BritBox’s Classic Who collections has an extra season (#27) that’s all specials. The first one is The Five(ish) Doctors.
  • So! We’re gonna cover that after the Christmas Special, then head into Series 9


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