124 Flatline

This is the one where the Doctor and Clara help a grumpy old man with no imagination fight graffiti in the most sci-fi way possible!

Live from Master Closet Studios, you’re listening to the only podcast on the internet recording in the SECOND DIMENSION! It’s the Noobs and the Whovian! 

My name is Austin and I’m the Whovian, and these are my sons Corbin and Tripp and we’re the noobs!

This is the podcast that introduces a whole new generation to Doctor Who by watching an episode each week and discussing it from the perspective of a dad who’s seen it before, and two sons who haven’t.

Welcome to Episode 124 covering the Series 8 episode 9: Flatline 

This is the one where the Doctor and Clara help a grumpy old man with no imagination fight graffiti in the most sci-fi way possible!

Production notes

  • Story # 250
  • Originally aired October 18 2014 to 6.71 million viewers 
  • Written by: Jamie Mathieson
    • He pitched the idea for this story two year earlier and was tasked with scripting the episode. After several drafts, he was then told he had to lock the Doctor up somewhere due to scheduling issues. So it was kind of like a Doctor Lite episode.
  • Directed by: Douglas Mackinnon
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  • Name of the episode spoken in dialogue?
  • Creature of the week
    • The Boneless
  • Jiggery Pokery
    • TARDIS 
      • It’s smaller on the outside!
      • You mean it’s lighter? It’s always lighter. If it landed on the earth with its true weight, it would fracture the planet.
      • Something is leaching off the external dimensions
    • Psychic paper
      • Clara got to use it
      • Corbin wondered if you tell someone the psychic paper is blank, what will they see?
      • The one guy saw a blank page – It takes quite a lack of imagination to stop a psychic paper! 
  • Needless sacrificial death
    • Rigsy tried to sacrifice himself, Clara wouldn’t let him. And he would’ve died for nothing!

Other stuff we noticed 

  • I don’t mean edible pie, I mean circular pi. Which I understand would also mean edible pie.
  • The way 22 went out was amazing! He looked like he was just standing there, but he was graffiti.
  • The train was number A113

Who’s Who?

  • Who is Rigsy? 
    • How did he know all the numbers of the people that died? Also he didn’t seem to be as smart as he was cracked up to be.
  • Who is Danny Pink? 
    • Who is Clara?
      • She’s still hiding things from Danny and the Doctor.
      • She’s the Doctor!
        • She’s got the sonic, the psychic paper, and a companion!
        • He’s coaching her. A leader is about to emerge in your little group, make sure it’s you.
      • What would the Doctor do now? No, what would I do now?
        • He said she was good and made a great Doctor.
        • Rule 1 of being the Doctor: Use your enemy’s power against them.
          • I thought it was “The Doctor lies!”
      • She saved the world! Again.
      • You were an exceptional Doctor. Goodness had nothing to do with it.
    • Who is the Doctor?
      • Can you not just let me enjoy this moment of NOT knowing something. It happens so rarely.
      • I am determined to play my role: The man who stops monsters.

    Classic Who Connection

    • The TARDIS has shrunk before. We talked about the miniscope before from Carnival of Monsters (the miniscope holds a miniaturized world) and the TARDIS was miniaturized when it went into that with the Third Doctor. In Planet of Giants with the First Doctor the TARDIS doors open of their own accord midflight and the TARDIS and inhabitants are shrunk down. And The Master messed with the Block Transfer Computation on Logopolis which caused the TARDIS to reduce to about the size of a doll house. That was the Fourth Doctor’s final serial.
    • We haven’t seen the console switch used to open the TARDIS doors in quite some time but that was a regular occurrence in Classic Who, especially early Classic Who.
    • The first time we heard that the TARDIS had a heart was in Arc of Infinity with the Fifth Doctor where the baddy Maxil removes part of the heart of the TARDIS.
    • No previous instances of siege mode for the TARDIS in Classic Who

    Overall impressions

    • Overall rating out of 10 – 
      • Jared – 8.5/10 – Hermit Crabs with a TARDIS shell
      • Austin – 9 LCD screens
      • Corbin – 8 candy Tardis
      • Tripp –  8 cold tardie
    • Creep Level – out of 500
      • Jared – 250
      • Austin – 400
      • Corbin – 100
      • Tripp –  130


    • Thoughts on Missy and Heaven?
      • We got a BRIEF glimpse of Missy holding an Ipad saying “Clara, my Clara. I chose well.”
      • New name! Afterlife, Promised Land. I prefer “Nethersphere.”
      • Corbin & Tripp – The Half-faced man didn’t actually die but was put into a new body of some kind. That’s not Heaven, though it could be the Promised Land. 
      • Tripp – Missy is NOT a robot, perhaps a creator.
      • Corbin – Missy is the bad guy. Missy is the lady in the shop. It’s not Heaven, it’s hell. Robots. 

    Listener Input 

    • Christina has this feedback about our episode on Kill the Moon! 
    • Your podcast on Kill the Moon has caused the great egg debate in the Kepfer household. I am currently in negotiations with my husband to get a hen. I NEED ANSWERS!!! We tried looking it up on line but came up with conflicting information. Does an egg gain weight as the baby inside grows like the Doctor would have us believe, does it maintain the same weight throughout gestation, OR does it actually lose weight?  Science experiments must be done!
      • Well according to BackyardChickens.com the egg loses weight due to evaporation of water through the eggshell. And if there is anyone I’m gonna trust about this kind of information it’s gonna be people on a chicken raising forum site
      • The reason they may feel heavier to you is as the moisture inside the eggs evaporate and the air cell grows at one end, the matter inside the egg is no longer as evenly distributed as it was before incubation. This can make the egg feel heavier even though it is actually lighter.

    The Game Plan

    • Next week we continue with Series 8, Episode 10: In the Forest of the Night


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