This is the one where Jared gets us all prepped to watch our Classic Who Rewind featuring the Sixth Doctor!

  • Only  two seasons. He started at the end of the season in 1984 with The Twin Dilemma
  • Final appearance The Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe
  • His first season (season 22) was typical, but season 23 was one long story where he was on trial by the Time Lord Council 
  • His catch phrase would either be Aha! Or saying the same thing three times in a row getting progressively louder and more forceful. For example Malfunctioning? Malfunctioning? Malfunctioning?, or Carrot juice? Carrot Juice? Carrot Juice?
  • Most of his time is spent with Peri Brown (A botany student from California), but towards the end she gave way to Mel, a computer programmer.
  • How do we describe the Sixth Doctor? He’s a jerk. Start with the strongest arrogance from the First Doctor, take the harsher side of the Fifth Doctor multiply that by 100 and remove all the love and compassion, add in the indifference of the Fourth Doctor and put it all in a clown suit and you get the Sixth Doctor
  • He is very brilliant (like all the Doctors) and a little more prone to aggressive actions, not so worried about saving every creature or giving them a chance to change.
  • He had two companions during his time. Peri Brown and Melanie (Mel) Bush. Mel was a computer programmer. Much like River Song he met her before she met him, and their timelines were rather wibbly wobbly. The Doctor is on trial for meddling with time (more on that later) and Melanie is summoned to testify. To her, these events have already happened, but because the Time Lords are trying the Doctor for events that will happen in the future, he has not yet met her. When he does meet her, he must pretend he doesn’t know her. After the trial, the Doctor takes future Mel back and presumably meets past Mel and begins travelling with her, but this is never seen on screen because Colin Baker was fired, and the subsequent stories never came to fruition. This makes Mel the first companion to meet the Doctor before he met her and the other way around.
  • Season 23 was one line story where the Doctor is on Trial by the Time Lord Council. The trial is made up of stories pulled from the matrix (a sort of records archive) that are both from the past from the current time and from the future. The Doctor is being prosecuted by the Valeyard who is a personification of the Doctor’s own inner evil that manifested between his twelfth and final regeneration. While the Doctor does put up a compelling defense the trial breaks down with the discovery of the Valeyard’s identity, the intervening of the Master, and the unearthing of evidence that the Gallifry High Council was working with the Valeyard to falsify evidence in order to steal the Doctor’s remaining regenerations. 
  • At the end of season 23 there was an 18-month hiatus for the show as they changed production seasons. In that time Colin Baker was fired so the regeneration was built into the start of season 24. At the start of the episode the TARDIS is attacked and Mel is knocked unconscious, but the Doctor is mortally wounded so he regenerates. How this happened is never fully explained.