• Adric – alien boy genius/math wiz from E-Space. Died trying to save the Doctor and Earth
  • Nyssa – An aristocrat of the alien world Traken. She was originally going to be a one off character but they liked her so much they kept her on as a regular. She cam on with the Fourth Doctor and stayed until almost the end of the Fifth Doctor when she left to start a hospital on an alien world.
  • Tegan – the third of the companions that started with the Fourth Doctor and continued with the Fifth she was a British flight attendant who becomes a companion when she goes into a police box to call for help and discovers it is actually the TARDIS. She can be stubborn and loud but she is also direct which helped with the sometimes indecisive Fifth Doctor. The closest thing the Fifth Doctor had to a catchphrase was “Brave heart, Tegan”. Since she was the only companion who was not alien used to other world situations, she often needed the encouragement, but was quite capable in sticky situations. She left the Doctor for a time and returned to Earth after Adric died but returns to the Doctor after she gets fired from her flight attendant job. Only to leave again for good after an encounter with the Daleks.
  • Turlough was a short-lived companion with the Fifth Doctor. He was an alien on Earth disguised as a boarding school student. He makes a deal with the Black Guardian to kill the Doctor in exchange for safe transportation home. Eventually he becomes loyal to the Doctor and becomes a real companion. He is one of the few companions that could operate TARDIS systems. He leaves the Doctor after a few serials when he finds that he can safely return home.
  • Kamelion was a shape-shifting android and short-lived companion of the Fifth Doctor. He was first used by the Master to impersonate King John but reworked by the Doctor and invited to join him in their travels. While he was on the TARDIS and hook into the system so he was aware of their travels, he was not really seen on the adventures and mostly stayed in his room until taken over by the Master again to use against the Doctor which ends in Kamelion’s destruction.
  • Perpugilliam (Peri) Brown – The final companion of the Fifth Doctor. She joined on his second to last serial just as turlough was leaving and Kamelion gets destroyed. She is an American college student from California. The Doctor at this point is very cool towards Peri having just lost all of his previous companions. But she is smart and very spirited and full of questions in these new travels. She really comes into her own on the show after the Doctor regenerates into the Sixth Doctor.

General Information

  • Much less brash and showed more emotions than the other doctors (Second Doctor was similar in that way)
  • Wore his heart on his sleeve
  • An accomplished cricketeer, his outfit was modeled after an Edwardian era cricket uniform
  • He loves science and exploration
  • He is keen on fair play and good manners
  • He was very attached to his companions and while there was no hint of a budding relationship, 
  • Most of the time he had three companions
  • The Fourth Doctor barely acknowledged when a companion left, but when a companion left the Fifth Doctor it really hit him emotionally. When his sonic screwdriver was destroyed, he even likened it to losing an old friend.
  • He is one of the few doctors who have had to go through a companion dying while traveling with him.
  • Very brave and willing to rush into situations, but also indecisive.
    • Sometimes flipped a coin to make decisions
    • Some of his indecision came from his strong sense of morality and was conflicted over situations that presented moral dilemmas
  • He left after three seasons because he didn’t want to get Pidgeon-holed into the role.
  • There was always that distinctive stalk of celery on his lapel (after he picked it up in Castrovalva) 
    • You see him twice pick up stalks of celery to pin to his lapel throughout his time. Both times were on worlds that weren’t real, they were artificial environments
    • The show runner John Nathan-Turner was the one who had the idea for the celery. Davison agreed to it if they would explain it in show. That explanation final comes in Caves of Androzani
  • Youngest Doctor up to that point
    • Almost didn’t take the role because he thought he was too young