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This is the podcast that introduces a whole new generation to Doctor Who by watching an episode each week and discussing it from the perspective of a dad who’s seen it before, and two sons who haven’t. Except when we don’t, because this week we won’t!

Welcome to episode 91, our Timey Wimey #11 covering Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Super-short Recap 

This is the one where two idiots get help on their homework from 700 years in the future that they helped create!

The end.


  • Missy – Amy Stoch
    • She was in lots of shows before and after this
    • She was 30 during the filming of this movie
  • Socrates – Tony Steedman
    • Played in all kinds of stuff, including Coronation Street in the 70s.
    • I know him as the waiter in Scrooged.
  • Genghis Khan – Al Leong
    • This guy played a thug in like every 80’s action movie
    • I particularly remember him in Die Hard and Big Trouble in Little China (which he’s barely even in)
  • Joan of Arc – Jane Wiedlin
    • She was one of The Go Go’s
    • She was also the singing telegram girl in Clue!
  • Bill – Alex Winter
    • He had done The Lost Boys, which is his other main claim to fame
  • Ted – Keanu Reeves
    • He was also the narrator for Anyone Can Quantum, directed by Alex Winter. (Paul Rudd faces off against Stephen Hawking in a highly advanced game of Quantum Chess.) As well as the sequel Quantum is Calling (Zoe Saldana enlists the help of Stephen Hawking to solve a quantum riddle in order to get Simon Pegg’s cat back.)
    • He did Keanu, a movie about a kitten named Keanu, voiced by… Keanu Reeves
    • He appeared in Always Be My Maybe as… Keanu Reeves
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Random stuff we noticed

  • Was that the opening of Frozen 2?!
  • The phone booth is more like the TARDIS than I remembered. It has a chameleon circuit!

Time travel details:


  • A totally-not-ripped-off time-traveling phone booth traveling through the circuits of history


  • The clock in San Dimas is always running.
  • Can you change the past?

Did they follow their own rules?

Things they got Wrong

  • I’m not even sure what they mean by “the clock in San Dimas is always running.” It makes it seem like they can’t cross their own timeline. But they definitely do!
  • It seems like from the point that you leave at time is still running

Things they got Right

  • We can’t forget to drop the keys here otherwise we won’t find them. But wait, we already did.


Was it good?

Was it a good story?

  • Corbin – yes
  • Austin – Of course!

Was it a good time travel story?

  • Tripp – yes
  • Corbin – yes
  • Austin – yes, I love the timey wimeyness

Listener Input

  • Jason wrote in this week with some thoughts on Closing Time as well as some questions for us!
  • First off, the podcast is awesome. Thank you. I’m sure my neighbors wonder why I was alone, laughing out loud on my front steps. (I have a winter cap with built-in bluetooth. )
  • How do the Noobs not know what happens next considering Google and social media? 
  • Do you (Corbin and Tripp) ever cheat and look ahead? You can tell me. I won’t tell.
  • “Mouth typo” is now a thing. Thanks for that.
  • Austin, how do you see all of the current NuWho and keep your mouth shut for the boys? I tell my wife and son everything, despite the fact they don’t care, or have any idea what I’m talking about. 
  • Craig is 100% a companion. So is Sally Sparrow. I think it’s more about their relationship to The Doctor than how many adventures they’ve gone on, or how many times they’ve been in the TARDIS. 
  • Tripp said, “Why doesn’t The Doctor just travel with (what’s her name again?) River, or other immortals (Captain Jack?)? Easy. Which Doctor? Which regeneration? Which point in which Doctor’s timeline? Time is too “Wibbly Wobbly” for a TimeLord. Like, “Crap, have we met yet?” Case in point, every time a Doctor has intersected his own timeline, I’ve gotten a migraine. Not everyone keeps a time journal. I’d be more specific but, spoilers sweetie.
  • I could be wrong, but I recall the show referring to companions as “traveling companions” lots of times.
  • That’s all. Thanks, guys. And just to establish my nerd credibility, my dog’s name is Rory, and my guitars are named Rose (Doctor Who) and Gracie (a whale in Star Trek IV).
  • Keep those posts coming, my friends!

The Game Plan 

  • Next week, we’re it’s Christmas in March as we watch the 2011 Christmas Special, The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe.


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