This is a bonus episode talking about Doctor Who leaving Amazon Prime.

New Doctor Who is no longer on Amazon Prime. It will be moving to HBO Max, which launches in May. Until then, there are a few options for continuing to watch Doctor Who along with us.

You can find it on Amazon Video for purchase. If you go with the standard definition versions rather than HD, you can save yourself some money. Of course, you can also just buy the DVD sets as well.

Use our links here and help support the show without changing your cost at all!

  • Series 6 – of course, there’s only a few of these left for us anyway, so do the math before you buy the whole season
  • Series 7, part 1 (series 7 was a bit wonky)
  • Series 7, part 2
  • The Matt Smith Era on DVD – This one is a great value! Get all three series of Smith’s time, PLUS the Christmas episodes, AND the 50th anniversary special. You don’t get any behind the scenes stuff that comes on the individual series DVD’s, but you can’t beat the price!

NuWho is currently available on BBC America via Sling TV. This will run you about $30/month, but you get more than just BBC America.

It’s also available on DVD in many libraries. Google your local branch and see if they carry the DVD or can order them for you.