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My name is Austin and I’m the Whovian, and these are my sons Corbin and Tripp and we’re the noobs!

This is the podcast that introduces a whole new generation to Doctor Who by watching an episode each week and discussing it from the perspective of a dad who’s seen it before, and two sons who haven’t.  

Welcome to Episode 78 covering series 6 episodes 1 and 2 The Impossible Astronaut and The Day of the Moon 

Super-short Recap

This is the one where the Legs, the Nose, Mrs. Robinson, and the Doctor help President Nixon defeat aliens that can’t remember after you look away from them.

Remember that one?

Production notes

  • Story # 214
  • Originally aired April 23 & 30, 2011 to 8.86 & 7.3 million viewers
  • Written by: Steven Moffat
  • Directed by: Toby Haynes

Misc Trivia

  • The new opening bit with Amy’s voiceover was only in international release, not in the UK.
  • This episode features the first regeneration outside the TARDIS in NuWho.
  • This episode was dedicated to Elisabeth Sladen who died four days before it aired. Elisabeth, or course, played Sarah Jane Smith.


  • Canton Everett Delaware III – Mark Sheppard
    • This guy is a sci-fi staple, having appeared in Battlestar Galactica as the lawyer that defended Gauis Baltar, Valda in Warehouse 13, Sliders, Star Trek: Voyager, X-files, Dollhouse, Chuck, Supernatural, and most importantly he played Badger in Firefly.
  • Old Canton Everett Delaware III – William Morgan Sheppard, Mark’s dad.
    • Played in some Star Trek
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  • Name of the episode spoken in dialogue?
    • Day of the Moon, twice?
  • Creature of the week
    • The Silence – 
      • Why did you have to kill her? Joy…. Her name was Joy.
      • As long as there’s been something in the corner of your eye, or a creaking in your house, or breathing under your bed, or voices through a wall.
        • Another one of these things
      • Ruling the world with post-hypnotic suggestion
  • Bow ties are cool
    • Well, this time it was Stetson’s are cool
    • Running count
  • Hats
    • Fez – Double fez sighting! He wore one in the Laurel and Hardy video, then requested one while in the Oval Office.
    • Stetson
    • Astronaut helmet
  • Doctor Who?
    • Spoken by Matilda the painter
    • Canton – Doctor, who, exactly?
  • Jiggery Pokery
    • TARDIS 
      • Apparently, it has a stealth mode! You can run the engines on silent and make it invisible.
      • He snapped to open the doors.
        • When we first met River, she told Ten that the Doctor she knew could open the TARDIS doors with a snap of his fingers. He said that was impossible. Then at the end of the episode, he did exactly that. 
        • So, he only ever thought to try it because she said he did, because she saw him do it…
  • Jibberty Jabberty
    • Zero balanced dwarf star alloy
  • Silence will fall
    • The Silence is the Silents.
  • Jammie Dodger sighting
    • Running count – 2

Other stuff we noticed

  • He’s messing with his own timeline, which could blow up the universe. So what, he’s done it before. In fairness, the universe did blow up.
  • Swear to me on something that matters: fish fingers and custard.
  • The Doctor told Nixon to record everything and trust no one but him.
  • River’s scanner is from Magpie Electronics!

Who’s Who?

  • Who is Rory?
    • Rory died again
    • She can always hear me. Wherever she is, and she always knows that I’m coming for her. Always. Do you understand me?
    • He has a stupid face
    • He remembers everything about being an auton… for some reason. He can close the door on those memories, or peak inside.
  • Who is Amy?
    • She really loves Rory, finally!
    • She carrying Schroedinger’s baby! She’s both pregnant and not pregnant!
    • She’s worried her baby would have three heads, or a timehead.
  • Who is River Song?
    • She doing it again, sir. She’s packing!
    • They’re syncing their diaries.
    • Doctor asks her who she is. You’re someone from my future, guessing that, but who?
    • Hippie! Archaeologist! 
    • She definitely knows how to work the TARDIS better than he does.
    • They are flirting hard.
      • You’ve got that face on again. That “he’s hot when he’s clever” face. This is my normal face. Yes it is!
      • What’s going on here? Nothing! We’re just friends. I think he was talking about the possible alien incursion.
      • She has a gun and doesn’t mind shooting you, which I really shouldn’t like, but I sort of do.
      • Had their first/last kiss.
    • There’s a day coming when I’ll look into his eyes, my Doctor, and he won’t have the faintest idea who I am. And I think it’s going to kill me.
      • You have no idea, sweetie
    • There’s always a way out.
      • This reminded me of her blowing out the airlock.
  • Who is The Doctor? 
    • He doesn’t like wine. He says he’s 1103, he surely tried it at some point.
      • He drank it at Craig’s house in The Lodger
    • He’s 1103. The last time they saw him he was 908.
    • Human beings. I thought I’d never get done saving you.
    • He dead. If you kill a Timelord during his regeneration cycle, he won’t make it.
    • A Timelord’s body is a miracle. 
    • Of course I’m ok, I’m always ok, I’m the King of Ok.
    • You, sir, are a genius. It’s a hobby!
    • What’s the point of two hearts if you can’t be a bit forgiving.
  • Who is the little girl?
    • The Silence put her into a space suit that kept her alive.
    • Her room at the orphanage had a picture of Amy holding a baby.
    • She regenerated!

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Classic Who Connection 

  • The TARDIS has been invisible before and The Doctor did use the scanner while it was invisible. This is with the Second Doctor in the serial The Invasion but in this instance, he removed the visual stabilizer circuit (which is what controls the appearance of the TARDIS)
  • When the Doctor is talking to Canton, he says “Braveheart, Canton” as the Fifth Doctor he used to say “Braveheart, Tegan” all the time to his companion Tegan. 
  • While the Doctor is in the Oval Office and the TARDIS de-cloaks in front of everyone, the Doctor escapes the Secret Service agents and ends up in The President’s chair. He addresses The President as “Mister President” but he says it in the way Ramon Salamander (a character who impersonated the Second Doctor) would say it in the serial The Enemy of the World
  • The first time we heard about Dwarf star alloy is in the Fourth Doctor’s serial Warrior’s Gate
  • We heard about the swimming pool in the TARDIS, which was introduced in Classic Who’s The Invasion of Time
  • The Doctor and Rory mention being present for the fall of Rome. We do not see the Doctor do this, we just see him responsible for the great fire of Rome in The Romans

Overall impressions

  • Overall rating out of 10 – 
    • Jared – 10 I looked away and can’t remember what I was going to say
    • Austin – 10 creepy long fingers
    • Corbin –  9.5 wanna be slendermen
    • Tripp – 10 balloon mouths
  • Creep Level – out of 500
    • Jared – 550 creep levels
    • Austin – 511
    • Corbin – 450
    • Tripp – 1001 (it was so scary it went back in time and blew threw the roof)


  • Tripp thinks that this is the way Eleven actually dies.

Listener Input  

  • Christina’s Little Doctor saga continues! 
  • Sorry I’m late! I meant to post this before the next podcast. I honestly couldn’t tell you too much more about the dream episode because I now only remember little bits. I can tell you the old man was referred to as “the grandpa” because after the Doctor pulled out the psychic paper to prove who he was Grandpa said something to the effect of “So you just expect me to believe you’re a board-certified doctor because you whip out a tiny card that says so? Fine then! I guess that makes me “The Grandpa” *whips out i.d.* See? Board-certified.” And whenever the Doctor wanted to do something dangerous, said something clever, or ended up saving the day the Grandpa would say “BUT YOU’RE JUST A KID!”  And the baddie of the episode was (now don’t laugh) turtles. Yes, turtles that chased people around at normal turtle speed trying to eat their feet. Hey, I’m no Moffat. 
  • Xavier wanted me to tell you the Christmas episode was awesome! A 10 of 10 face spiders that don’t sleep in his mattress, trust us, we checked 😉
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The Game Plan 

  • In a few weeks, we’ll be doing a Timey Wimey on A Christmas Carol.


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