River’s back, the Weeping Angels are back, and Steven Moffat is back! Join us as we discuss Amy’s first encounter with two of the most iconic elements of the Whoniverse.


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Welcome to Episode 68 covering series 5 episodes 4-5, The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone.

Super-short Recap

This is the one where the Doctor, Amy, and River fight the Weeping Angels. The Doctor scoops up River Song with the TARDIS and investigates a crashed ship containing one Weeping Angel. The Doctor throws them all into The Crack and then he’s off to solve a mystery!  

Remember that one?

Production notes

  • Story # 206
  • Originally aired April 24 and May 1, 2010 to 8.59 & 8.5 million viewers
  • Written by: Steven Moffat
  • Directed by: Adam Smith
  • Awards:

Misc Trivia

  • An incoming high tide at the beach filming location forced the crew to cut 3 pages worth of scenes from the episode. This included the very scene that Karen Gillan did during her audition.
  • As a result, the episode was coming up short on time, so Moffat added the whole bit about the TARDIS brakes to make up for it.
  • Remember that timey wimey stuff about the show always taking place one year in the future since Rose and how that created issues with the in-universe timeline? Well, that’s all gone now. We have official in-universe confirmation that Amy’s wedding is set for June 26, 2010.

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  • Octavian – Iain Glen
    • Played in lots of stuff, including Game of Thrones


  • Creature of the week
    • Weeping Angels
      • Anything that takes the image of an angel becomes an angel.
      • Their image is their power
  • Bad CGI
    • Geronimo – 
      • Running Count – 3
    • Jiggery Pokery
      • Sonic 
        • TARDIS 
          • We’ve seen it create an atmospheric bubble around itself (when Amy went floating about). This time, it creates an air corridor at River’s request.
          • It has blue stabilizers, or blue boringers
          • It’s not supposed to make that noise, he leaves the brakes on.
        • Psychic Paper
          • Random
          • Jibberty Jabberty
            • Needle in a haystack.
              • A needle that looks like hay. A hay-like needle… of death. A hay-like needle of death in a haystack oooof, uh,  statues. No, yours was fine.
          • Time War
            • The Pandorica will open
              • The Doctor will see River again when the Pandorica opens.
              • The Doctor says that the Pandorica is a fairytale.
            • Silence will fall
              • The Doctor in the TARDIS doesn’t know
            • The Crack 
              • It’s bad. It’s extremely very not good.
              • It’s the fire at the end of the universe
              • It’s the end of the universe
              • How is a duck pond a duck pond if there aren’t any ducks? AND, why didn’t she remember the Daleks?
              • The Cyberking walks all over London and no one remembers it.
              • Those who go through it have never existed
              • The Crack is gone, for now, but the explosion is still happening out there somewhere.
            • Jammie Dodger sighting
              • Running count – 1
            • Existential horror
              • If you go into the crack, you never existed
              • Angel Bob being resurrected just to be a walkie talkie.

            Who’s Who?

            • Who is Amelia?
              • She desperately wants to go to a planet next
              • Karen Gillan appeared as one of the members of the Sibylline Sisterhood in Fires of Pompeii. You’ll recall that in this episode, there was a bit about someone’s hand/arm turning to stone, as hers appeared to here.
              • She’s a time-traveler now. It changes the way you perceive time.
              • She’s engaged to Rory.
            • Who is The Doctor? 
              • He can run from anything he likes, time is not the boss of him.
                • Ten said that the Laws of Time belong to him.
              • He’ll never get done saving humanity
              • He’s on Virginia Woolf’s bowling team
              • There’s one thing you never put in a trap. If you’re smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there’s one thing you never ever put in a trap. ME!
              • Bishop asks River “Do you trust this man?” “I absolutely trust him!” “He’s not some sort of madman then?” “I absolutely trust him!”
              • Bishop bought him time “I am GOOD with time.”
              • A forest in a bottle on a spaceship in a maze, have I impressed you yet?
              • I think sometimes, well often times…
              • He’s 907!
            • Who is River Song? 
              • Amy thinks River is the Doctor’s wife because know one treats him that way
              • She was in prison
              • “Can I trust you?” “If you like, but where’s the fun in that?”
                • Do yall trust River?
              • Pandorica is a fairytale
              • How does she know the next time the Doctor will see her

            Other stuff we noticed

            • Last time we saw River, we spoke to dead people via a radio.
            • While Amy has her eyes closed, she has to keep calling out to a guy named Marco
            • Something very subtle happened during the sweet little moment between the Doctor and Amy when he told her to remember. Did any Whovians catch it? If so, email me and tell if you noticed it.


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            Classic Who Connection 

            • BEFORE WE LET JARED LOOSE I just wanted to pause and say how awesome we all think Jared is. He emailed me his segment late last night with a note that it barely got done this week. I didn’t ask why, but I know how life gets busy and hectic, and he’s been steady since he came on board the wibbly-wobbly train. So, thanks Jared, you rock.
            • Environmental checks used to be a standard procedure after every landing of the TARDIS. They particularly looked for radiation levels.
            • Not doing an environmental check, but still knowing what the environment consisted of was a callback to the 2nd Doctor who did something very similar just after regenerating
            • Pointed out by the TARDIS.wikia, The Doctor walks through the museum making note of things that were historically wrong. Susan Foreman did a similar thing with her history textbook while she was still a student on Earth
            • Back in The Five Doctors (where we see the first Five Doctors together) The Doctor also recognized High Gallifreyan. Back then he was one of a handful left who could understand it, now he’s likely the only one.
            • Romana I also claimed to be better at piloting the TARDIS than The Doctor. That was with the Fourth Doctor in The Ribos Operation and The Doctor was not amused then.
            • The Doctor’s super speed-reading abilities are first seen with the Fourth Doctor in City of Death
            • The Fifth Doctor told Adric that he is not a taxi service in Earthshock
            • The Doctor kissed Amy on the head before he left for a moment, he has done this before with two Classic Who companions, Zoe Heriot in The War Games and Jo Grant in Colony in Space

            Overall impressions

            • Overall rating out of 10 – 
              • Jared – 9.5 Complicated, intersecting timelines
              • Austin – 9 repeating video clips
              • Corbin – 9 blue boringers
              • Tripp – 9 stone eyes 
            • Creep Level – out of 500
              • Jared – 425
              • Austin – 400
              • Corbin – 350
              • Tripp – 375


            • Corbin thinks The Crack will appear in every episode story and that either the Master or the New Paradigm Daleks are responsible for it.
              • Well ACTUALLY, it didn’t appear in episode 4
              • Correct so far
            • Tripp thinks The Crack has something to do with Amy not remembering the Stolen Earth incident.
              • Correct!
            • Tripp thinks The Crack is the end of the universe like the end of the sidewalk. The Crack is in the Wall of the Universe.
              • He also thinks that when the Doctor messed with it in Eleventh Hour that it changed it and caused the problem.
            • Tripp thinks the Star Whale is significant and we’ll see it again.
              • Not yet…

            Listener Input  

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            The Game Plan 

            • Next week is our Timey Wimey episode covering the radio drama version of Robert Heinlein’s By His Bootstraps.
            • After that, we’re straight back into Series 5 with Vampires of Venice

            Next Time…

            Join us next time as we discuss the Radio Drama Revival presentation of Robert Heinlein’s By His Bootstraps. 


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