The Daleks have returned. Again. This time known as the Ironsides, they are on a quest for world dominance.

Live from Master Closet Studios, you’re listening to the only podcast on the internet eating Dalek-flavored Skittles! Noobs and the Whovian!

Welcome to Episode 67 covering series 5 episode 3, Victory of the Daleks.

Super-short Recap

This is the one where the Doctor and Amy meet the Daleks! Winston Churchill is trying to use Daleks, AKA Space Nazis to defeat… regular Nazis. It doesn’t work.

Remember that one?

Production notes

  • Story # 205
  • Originally aired April 27, 2010, to 7.82 million viewers
  • Written by: Mark Gatiss (of Sherlock)
  • Directed by: Andrew Gunn
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Misc Trivia

  • This is the first Dalek episode since Dalek to not be a multi-parter.


  • Creature of the week
    • The Ironsides, er Daleks
    • The NEW Daleks!
      • We’ll discuss them below.
  • Bad CGI
    • Actually, the CGI of Bracewell’s torso opening up was pretty good.
    • The CGI sparks coming out of his wrist stump… not so much.
  • Geronimo – 
    • Running Count – 3
  • Jiggery Pokery
    • TARDIS 
      • It’s a Type 40 TARDIS, I’m still running her in.
    • Random
      • Defusing a bomb with… love?
  • The Crack
    • In the wall right behind the TARDIS parking spot.
  • Jammie Dodger sighting
    • I love the Jammie Dodger/TARDIS self-destruct device
    • Running count – 1
  • Existential horror
    • Suddenly realizing you’re a robot and everything you remember is someone else’s life.

Who’s Who?

  • Who is Amelia?
    • When she realizes that she’s in London during the Blitz, she’s pretty freaked out. 
      • Karen Gillan does a great job of displaying a deep-seated emotional reaction from Amy.
      • Imagine stepping out of the TARDIS and realizing you’re in one of the Twin Towers at 7 am on September 11, 2001.
    • She sees a new side of the Doctor and of being his companion.
      • When he’s losing it on the Dalek, you can see she is genuinely freaked out.
      • She says “Is this what we do now? Do we chase after them?” She’s ready to dive in, but he’s not ready to put her in danger and leaves her behind.
      • She thought it would be just running around being daft and fixing things. But no, it’s dangerous.
    • She saved the world by defusing Bracewell.
    • She’s sharp as a pin!
    • She almost got a TARDIS key.
  • Who are the Daleks?
    • Can we start with the most important aspect of the Dalek character in this episode? How do yall feel about the New Paradigm Daleks?
    • What does hate look like? It looks like a Dalek.
    • The Daleks are death.
    • The worst thing in all creation.
    • They can be deep.
      • What is the Progenitor? It is our past and it is our future.
    • Even the Doctor recognizes the way they keep coming back.
      • This is your final end.
    • There isn’t a sincere bone in your body, there isn’t a BONE in your body.
  • Who is The Doctor?
    • When the Daleks are around, he is not himself.
      • He snapped a bit at Amelia early on (when she was making a crack about Bracewell being Scottish)
      • He told Churchill to exterminate the Daleks.
      • He flipped out and smacked a tray of tea out of the Dalek’s hand.
      • He then flipped out and attacked
    • He has to choose between saving the earth or destroying the Daleks.
    • The Daleks say that his compassion is his greatest weakness.

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Can we talk about Star Wars-y this is?

  • Amputations – Bracewell loses a hand
    • Later he replaces it with a black glove
  • X-wing battle with the spitfires in the gravity bubbles

Classic Who Connection

  • Before we get started, a couple of notes from last time. 
  • Jared wanted to know why he was being accused of screaming into a stone wheel or wax cylinder. 
  • That’s was a running gag. I used to say “people are screaming into their iPods right now”. Until Corbin pointed out that no one had used an iPod in years now, it’s all smartphones. So it became a thing, and then I started riffing on it by saying Walkman, record player, gramophone, etc. Corbin tried it out but ended up with “stone wheel” somehow, so I saved it with wax cylinder.
    • So yeah, not a joke on Jared, it was actually a shot at me. 😅
  • Second, he was, in fact, screaming HARRIET JONES into his iPod. 
  • BTW, I don’t care what the inventor says, it’s GIF. It stands for graphics interchange format, not jiraphic. 
  • Repeated Lines
    • A resuscitated Dalek in The Power of the Daleks said “I am your servant” which is very similar to I am your soldier
    • The Second Doctor also said he wants to see “the final end” of the Daleks in The Evil of the Daleks
  • No Dalek levitation, first time since Resurrection of the Daleks
  • The Doctor mentions again that it is a type 40 TARDIS, he has mentioned this a number of times in Classic Who (such as The Deadly Assassin)
  • Back in the 2nd Doctor’s serial The Invasion, it was the Cybermen who hid a spaceship on the far side of the moon
  • The Doctor said that the Daleks always recognize him despite his regenerations. While we have seen this to be true since the Second Doctor, there have been instances (like the Revelation of the Daleks) where they didn’t recognize him, at least at first.
  • The Doctor has played the Jammy Dodger trick before. As the Second Doctor he bluffed that he would blow up Gatwick Airport with a rubber ball.
  • We have heard of a positronic brain in the Daleks from back with the 2nd Doctor. This was a sci-fi idea made by Isaac Asimov. This is basically an AI concept where the brain functions as a CPU and mimics consciousness and thinking.

Overall impressions

  • Overall rating out of 10 – 
    • Austin – 8 upgraded eye stalks
    • Corbin – 7.5 British Daleks
    • Tripp – 8 star wars lasers 
    • Jared – 8 Technicolor Daleks
  • Creep Level – out of 500
    • Austin – 75
    • Corbin – 65
    • Tripp – 86.0001
    • Jared – 75


  • Corbin thinks The Crack will appear in every episode and that either the Master or the New Paradigm Daleks are responsible for it.
    • Correct so far
  • Tripp thinks The Crack has something to do with Amy not remembering the Stolen Earth incident.
  • Tripp thinks the Star Whale is significant and we’ll see it again.
    • Not yet…

Listener Input  

  • We’re still on our mission to get a new review each month. So here’s a challenge: leave us a review in the month of your birthday. So, if your birthday is in September, it’s your turn! If you do, send me an email saying you left your birthday month review and we’ll not only read the review but we’ll wish you a happy birthday on the show!

The Game Plan 

  • Our next Timey Wimey episode is coming up in two weeks. We’ll be covering the radio drama version of Robert Heinlein’s By His Bootstraps.
  • You can find it in the archives at Radio Drama Revival.

Next Time…

Join us next time as we discuss Series 5, Episodes 4 and 5: The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone.


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