We’ve come to the end of an era, and it’s time to talk about David Tennant’s run as the Doctor. Come listen as we reminisce about his tenure.

No real show notes this week, just gotta listen in!

The Game Plan 

  • We’re charging ahead into a new era of Doctor Who!
  • Coming up we have the much-anticipated, much-teased By His Bootstraps for our next Timey Wimey in September
  • We’ll have a series 5 recap around mid-November, followed immediately by a Classic Who Rewind featuring the Third Doctor
  • This year’s Christmas Timey Wimey will be A Christmas Carol
  • Then, 2020 will be the year of Bill & Ted! We’ll cover Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure in January, Bogus Journey in April, and then we have to all meet up in the theaters again for Bill & Ted Face the Music in August!

Next Time…

Join us next time for the series 5, episode 1: The Eleventh Hour!


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