This is a Jared solo episode. He has some follow up to the previous episode in response to some of our questions.

Blue Peter

  • The 7th Doctor’s companion Ace wore two Blue Peter badges on her jacket
  • With the 9th Doctor episode Aliens of London, when the ship crashed into the Thames Blue Peter presenter Matt Baker did a feature on how to make an alien ship cake
  • Peter Purves played the First Doctor’s companion Steven Taylor AND was a host on Blue Peter for a short while. Because of the connection they started playing Doctor Who clips on the show.

Cybermen evolution

  • The Cybermen were a race of cybernetically augmented humanoids
  • There are many different versions or factions that have originated independently but have gone through parallel evolution (think Pete’s world, vs the Doctor’s world in NuWho)
  • Different motivations. Some want immortality, others out of an instinct to survive, others want to upgrade everyone around them
  • The buzzing voice was supposed to emphasis their lack of emotion
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The TARDIS evolution

  • Lots of great articles, sites and YouTube videos dedicated to this. You can go look for yourself, but the TARDIS was largely unchanged until after Pertwee regained access to it after his exile on Earth.
  • So what you saw at the beginning of The Tomb of the Cybermen is pretty much the same as it has always been. Not sure why it was so beat up from the beginning, but that’s how it was. Maybe it was made that way so it would blend in with the junkyard. Or maybe because Doctor Who started at a time when they actually used Police Call Boxes, people wouldn’t try to use an old junky-looking one.
  • 3rd Doctor got a new TARDIS interior, 4th Doctor got a new TARDIS interior, 5th Doctor got a new interior


  • With 1st Doctor it was something that Time Lords did every 500 years
  • With 2nd Doctor it was forced by the Time Lords (But 2nd Doctor said it was only for 3 years when he took the job)
  • When the 3rd Doctor left (because he didn’t want to be typecast) that was when they coined the term regeneration for the process and it became a thing when the Doctor died)

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