This episode we are joined by Jared to discuss the second ever episode of Doctor Who. We debate the Daleks some and talk all Classic Who.

Production notes

  • Story # 2
  • Originally aired December 21 1963 through February 1 1964
  • Written by: Terry Nation
  • Directed by: Christopher Barry and Richard Martin

Misc Trivia

  • Sydney Newman’s (Head of Drama at the BBC and co-creator of Doctor Who) vision for Doctor Who in 1962 was a children’s show that was educational with “a strong informational core based on fact” and “no bug-eyed monsters”.
  • When it came time for filming The Daleks was the only script that was close to being ready after An Unearthly Child so it got the green light and the popularity of the episodes was so great that it altered the course of Doctor Who from a purely educational focus.
  • Their movement was inspired by dancers wearing gowns
  • In this series it is said that the Daleks are mutations from the race of Dals, but that is the only mention of Dals in Dalek history. Later it is said they came from the Kaled race.


  • Baddie of the week
    • Daleks
  • Impossible
    • Nothing could be alive on that planet
  • TARDIS –
    • It has a replimat that makes Jetsons food cubes!
    • It has a lock with 21 holes. If you use the wrong one, the inside of the lock melts
    • Magical doors – they look different on the inside
      • It’s like the door to the candy room in Willy Wonka. Even the opening is a different size depending on the side you’re on. 
  • Hartnellisms, AKA Billy Flubs
    • Calling Ian “Chesterfield”
      • Then Chesserman
      • But Ian corrected him on it, so maybe it was in the script
    • Radiation gloves, instead of drugs

Who’s Who?

  • Who are the Daleks?
    • They were once teachers and philosophers
    • They don’t like laughter. “Stop that noise!”
    • Apparently they draw power from the floor?
    • They were originally called Dals, but were mutated
    • They need radiation to survive
    • Created by Terry Nation
  • Who is Ian?
    • The hero!
  • Who is Susan?
    • Whiny
    • Not terribly adventurous and brave like other companions
    • Is she a child? How old is she?
  • Who is Barbara?
    • Pretty awesome for a 1960’s heroine

Can we talk about the First Doctor?

  • Who is The Doctor?
  • He seems prone to getting himself into trouble
  • He’s forgetful, according to Susan
    • Apparently so! He called Ian “Chesterfield” at the beginning.
  • He is very curious
  • He’s very sneaky – “sabotaging” the TARDIS’ fluid link so they’d have to go to the city
  • Where’s that famous Doctor compassion?
    • He was totally going to leave Barbara behind to get back to the ship, AFTER getting them into the mess in the first place.
    • Then, he was totally willing to leave Ian behind when he got stuck in the dalek casing
    • He’s gonna sell out the Thals to save his own neck.
  • My dear this is no time for morals, the Thals have to find for us.
    • Ian is more like the Doctor than the Doctor!
  • We need action, not arguments!
  • He was once a pioneer amongst his own people.
  • He never gives advice, but he will give this: Always seek truth. My truth is in the stars, and yours is here.


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Overall impressions

  • Overall rating out of 10 –
    • Austin – 6 radiation gloves
    • Corbin – 7 Dals
    • Tripp – 6 unneeded deaths
    • Jared – 7.5
  • Creep Level – out of 500
    • Austin – 75
    • Corbin – 55
    • Tripp – 50
    • Jared – 50

The Game Plan

  • Next week – David Tennant Specials – Things get a bit wonky here, so we’ll outline it for your here.
    • Planet of the Dead (Easter special)
    • The Waters of Mars (Autumn special)
    • The End of Time Parts 1 & 2 (Christmas/New Year’s special)

Next Time…

Join us next time for the David Tennant Special, episode 1 Planet of the Dead


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