It’s the Titanic. In SPACEEEE! And you know what the Titanic is good at. Wiping out entire planets, and crashing. Oh, and there’s an inbetweenquel from Last of the Time Lords and Voyage of the Damned called Time Crash.
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Welcome to Episode 37 covering the 2007 Christmas episode, Voyage of the Damned

Super-short Recap

This is the one where Smith and… well just Smith actually… This is the one where the Doctor takes a ride on the Titanic for Christmas. He makes friends with the second scariest angel statues we’ve ever seen, as well as Astrid who IS NOT MARTHA. But, she’s got potential. It seems to be a lovely voyage, including shore-time in a deserted London, but something strange is happening. There’s meteors headed for the ship and the crew doesn’t seem to care.

It turns out that angels are evil. They only have one purpose now: Information kill. The meteors collide with the Titanic and if it crashes into Earth, the nuclear storm drive will blow up the planet. So, the Doctor, 903-year-old Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation Kasterborous will get to the bridge, save the Titanic, and save the Earth, IS THAT OKAY WITH YOU?! It is, he does, but several people have to die along the way, including our beloved TARDIS, er Astrid, wait…

Once again, Christmas is saved by the Doctor, and once again, he’s leaving behind a companion after a brief time together. He travels alone because it’s safer that way.

Production notes

  • Story # 188
  • Originally aired and December 25, 2007 to 13.31 million, making this the most-watched
  • Who story since its 2005 return, and one of the highest in franchise history.
    • This was also the second highest rated British television broadcast of the entire of 2007, beaten only by the episode of EastEnders that immediately preceded it.
  • Written by: Russell T
  • Directed by: James Strong
  • Awards:
  • Dedication at the end for Verity Lambert. Verity was the original producer of Doctor Who and died November 22, 2007.


  • Astrid Peth – Kylie Minogue
  • Midshipman Frame – Russell Tovey
    • Harry Doyle on Quantico
    • Plays The Ray in The Flash and The Legends of Tomorrow
    • Played a delivery man in Muppets Most Wanted
  • Bannakaffalatta – Jimmy Vee
    • Moxx of Balhoun
    • Space Pig in Aliens of London
  • Wilfred Mott – Bernard Cribbins
    • Been around a while in UK shows
    • Wally Bannister in Coronation Street
    • We may be seeing him some more. He may or may not be responsible for a massive shift in Doctor Who. Maybe.
  • The Heavenly Host – Paul Kasey, our resident guy-in-a-suit
    • Auton, one of Jabe’s servants (talking tree people)
    • The Slitheen brothers
    • Zu-zana, one of the robots that stripped Jack in Bad Wolf
    • One of the Clockwork droids
    • Every kind of Cyberman
    • Ood
    • Hoix!
    • One of the robot Santas in BOTH episodes
    • Captain of the Judoon Platoon on the Moon
    • Pig slave in Evolution of the Daleks
    • Tons of stuff on Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures

Misc Trivia

The television on which the Doctor, Astrid and Wilf view the news is clearly branded with a Magpie logo.

Special effects

  • Costumes and make-up

    • Bannakaffalatta

      • Face was great, cyborg body was meh
    • Max Capricorn
  • CGI
    • Space Titanic
    • Scene from outside of ship is terrible
  • Practical
    • Astrid at the end is amazing

      • Astrid falling was not
      • All the falls were terrible


  • Baddie of the week

    • The Heavenly Host
    • Max Capricorn
  • Fantastic!
  • Well… count
    • Episode count – 5

      1. Well that’s the plan. Never quite works
      2. Well between you and me I think her Majesty’s got it right. Far as I know, nothing to worry about.
      3. What if you meet a host. Well, then I’ll just have some fun.
      4. Information: Stowaway. Well… Kill him.
      5. And they’re all at war with Hamerica. No, well, not yet…
    • Running count – 42!
  • I’m sorry
    • Episode count:

      1. You promised you’d bring him back, Doctor. I know and I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
    • Running count 6+2
  • Allons-y! Count
    • Episode count:

      1. In that case Allons-y
      2. Allons-y, Allonso!
    • Running count: 8
  • Jiberty Jaberty
    • Feedback the molecule grid. Boost it with the restoration matrix… Need more phase containment. If I can just link up the surface suspension.
  • Jiggery Pokery
    • Psychic paper –

      1. The ticket
    • Sonic –
      1. Blow the top off a champagne bottle at 10 feet!
    • TARDIS –
      1. It can repair itself
      2. When it’s adrift, it’s programmed to lock on to the nearest center of gravity.
        • Corbin pointed out that that’s just kind of what things do. That’s… gravity.
    • Random
      1. Tried to feeback the molecule grid to save Astrid. Uh, he failed.
  • Random alien tech
    • Nuclear storm drive
  • Who was Martha?
    • No, it’s just me. Use to be someone, but it’s just me.
  • Who is Astrid?
    • Dreaming of other worlds, other skies. Why stay in one place when the universe is teeming with life?
    • He is definitely auditioning her.
    • She agrees to go
    • Then she dies

Who is The Doctor?

  • He travels for fun. Well, that’s the plan. Never quite works!
  • RotW
    • One, we’re going to climb through this ship. B, no, 2, we’re going reach the bridge. Three or C, we’re going to save the Titanic. And 4, or D, or that little (iv) they use in footnotes, follow me.
    • “I’m the Doctor. I’m a Time Lord. I’m from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Katerborous. I’m 903 years old and I’m the man who is going to save your lives and all six billion people on the planet below. You got a problem with that?”
  • He knows the earth because he was homeless once, and there was the earth.
  • Capricorn: All that banter yet not a word wasted.
  • Unsinkable, that’s me!
  • I can do anything!

Classic Who Connections

  • Jared presents his first Classic Who Connections segment!
  • The Doctor’s reference to being made homeless was a call-back to when the Second Doctor was found guilty by the Time Lords of interfering with events in history. He was forced to regenerate and exiled to Earth without his TARDIS.
  • This was mostly a budgetary decision as setting whole seasons on Earth would cut down on set costs.

The Game Plan

  • 15th – Santa Clause 3
  • 22nd – TBA
  • Next up will be the Series Recap episode so get your votes in

Next Time…

Join us next time as we discuss the brilliant Christmas time-travel classic, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.


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