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006 – The Long Game

The world's greatest broadcasting satellite happens to also hold its greatest nightmare: an alien who (obviously) is trying to take over the world. Stay tuned to this episode where we talk about all the things and more. So buckle up cause we're in for the long game.

005 – Dalek

"We meet again Dalek" and it's not gonna be pretty. The Doctor certainly didn't know his greatest enemy had been hiding under a rock for a few years. Listen in as we discuss the ups and downs of this episode (but mostly the downs).

004 – Aliens of London & World War Three

The Aliens are here and they want to start a war. In this episode we dicuss the arrival of Aliens. So you'd better break out your tinfoil hats and hide in your bomb shelters because the end is near (or possibly here)!

NW 003 – The Unquiet Dead

It's the closest we'll get to a Christmas episode with the Ninth Doctor as he and Rose meet up with Charles Dickens. Is this adventure the inspiration for A Christmas Carol, or just a coincidence? Check us out on and Email us at

NW 002 – End of the World

Rose goes on her first official adventure with the Doctor. What better place to start than The End! Check us out on and Email us at

NW 001 – Rose

It's our first episode! This week, we meet the Ninth Doctor and his newest companion, Rose. Check us out on and Email us at