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011 – Recap Episode

This is it guys! The end of season one. But we still got one more episode full of all our favorites(and other superlitives). So stayed tuned for this final episode and season two will be out befor eyou know it.

010 – Bad Wolf and the Parting of the Ways

The Big Bad Wolf is finally here! What is it? WHO is it? Will it be worth the wait? Who's way is parting? All these answered, and more on the Noobs and the Whovians!

009 – Boom Town

The Slitheen are back(or should I say a Slitheen) and still up to no good. Join us in this episode as we (attempt) to talk about this epic as ever show.

008 – The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances

Check out this thrilling two-parter asking a very important question: "Are you my mummy?" Join us as we talk about this and more today on the Noobs and the Whovian!

007 – Father’s Day

When you change anything you change everything. That is in time travel and specifically this episode. When it comes to the Doctor, one tiny change one single slipup, one stupid ape, could be the difference between life & death (for you and many others). Be sure you listen to this...