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024 – Army of Ghosts and Doomsday

When worlds collide (Literally) the Doctor finds himself protecting Earth from two of his biggest enemies. Daleks and Cybermen fighting in the ultimate battle with no limits. So listen in to this episode to see what’s happening in the world today (and in other worlds to).

023 – Fear Her

What’s scarier than a demon-voiced boogeyman in your closet? How about a cute little girl who can trap you in her drawings? Oh c’mon, it’ll be fun, she’s just looking for a few billion friends! We discuss this as well as the soon-to-be-revealed fate of Rose Tyler.

022 – Love and Monsters

Love and monsters. Boy doesn’t that sound like an awesome date night horror combination. But maybe not if said monster is absorbing you and stuff. Maybe we should rethink this. And where’s the Doctor this whole time. Oh well, listen in to find out.

021 – The Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit

The Devil is real(and looking as cliche as ever). There is an impossible planet with a lot of impossible things happening. Quite the episode for philosophical conversations(but there was none). So join us as we discuss the Doctor the Beast and more in this impossible podcast.

020 – The Idiots Lantern

What if TV’s actually turned your brain to slush. And took away your face when it did. Poor Gramma. Plus it’s our twentieth episode(not sure if that super important but it feels like an accomplishment). Joins us as we discuss electricity trying to reincarnate really bad looking TVs and more.

019 – The Rise of The Cybermen & The Age of Steel

We’ve done the impossible, AKA the highly unlikely, and have fallen out the vortex into a empty void, AKA London, England current time. When the Doctor and company find themselves in a parallel universe, they have to figure out how to get back home. Listen in as we talk about...