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030 – Gridlock

Welcome back to New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York in the year 5000000053. Turns out that the entire planet was ravaged by the plague and now the only people left are the people on the Motorway who have been stuck...

029 – The Shakespeare Code

First space zombies, ghosts, werewolves, gargoyles, vampires and now witches. It’s kinda ridiculous at this point. At any rate space monsters or not, tune in to hear clean laughs and more.

028 – Smith and Jones

New companion! New aliens! New series! Join us as we crack open a brand new Doctor Who and discuss Series 3, Episode 1: Smith & Jones.

027 – The Runaway Bride

Christmas time is here, and brides are impossibly appearing in TARDIS’. Wait, what? And guess what they also had to bring the return of an old enemy of the Doctor who is supposed to be dead so obviously, there are millions. But that won’t stop us from recording.

026 – Wibbly Wobbly 3 – Back to the Future

This week we're not talking about Doctor Who. This is the third wibbly wobbly and we're discussing the Back to the Future trilogy. Yes, the whole trilogy which means you have some serious homework. See you when you're done.

025 – Series 2 Recap

Today we talk about... well the entire series so far. This episode is full of favorites (and other superlatives) with a few theories as bonus.