105 Timey Wimey 12 Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey

This is the one where two idiots get help creating a future utopia by literally conquering Death, having a symbiotic Martian create robot versions of themselves, and learning to play guitar.


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This is the podcast that introduces a whole new generation to Doctor Who by watching an episode each week and discussing it from the perspective of a dad who’s seen it before, and two sons who haven’t. Except when we don’t, because this week we won’t!

Welcome to episode 105, our Timey Wimey #12 – Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey 


  • Death – William Sadler
    • Lots of stuff throughout the years including President Ellis in Iron Man 3 and Agents of SHIELD
    • He also played the random British guy watching TV, “My word!”
    • We’ll be seeing him again
  • Missy – Amy Stoch
    • She’s back and now she’s married to Ted’s dad
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Random stuff we noticed

  • Some great jibberty jabberty – statiophonic oxygenetic-amplifiagraphiphonideliverberator
    • Is this air guitar!?!?!
  • Title spoken in dialogue?
    • Well, Bill referenced their most Excellent Adventure
  • How’s it hanging, Death?
  • Dude, this is a totally deep hole! Now what?! I dunno. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!
  • You’re silky boys. Silk comes from the butts of Chinese worms
  • Granny S. Preston, Esquire
  • That was non non non non heinous!
    • Ok…. I have a problem here…
  • I love that they challenge him to board games
    • Btw, how bad must the feet of Death smell?
  • I think they spent their Heaven set budget on the animatronic Easter bunny
  • Corbin said Ted dunked on Bill, literally.

Time travel details


  • A totally-not-ripped-off time-traveling phone booth traveling through the circuits of history


  • The clock in San Dimas is always running.
    • Apparently, not in this movie cuz they run off for a 16-month guitar intensive and almost literally land on themselves when they return.
    • What did this rule even actually mean?! Cuz in the last movie they also violated the “rule.”
  • Can you change the past?
    • De Nomolos went back to try to change the past.
    • For that matter, the whole first movie is based on the idea that the past could be changed, except it couldn’t – bootstrap paradox.
    • So, did De Nomolos succeed?

Did they follow their own rules?

Things they got Right

  • The idea that only the winner could go back to arrange things makes sense. But it seemed for a minute like just saying “when I win I’ll back and change things” determined who won, but then TWIST! It was B&T all along. So, how did we determine the winner in the first place?


  • Paradoxes abound here!

Was it good?

Was it a good story? 

  • Tripp – thumbs up
  • Corbin – thumbs up
  • Austin – thumbs up

Was it a good time travel story?

  • Tripp – thumbs up
  • Corbin – thumbs up
  • Austin – thumbs up


Tripp thinks that the kids of Bill and Ted are the famed Bill and Ted. 

Creep Factor

  • Tripp – yes out of 499
  • Corbin – thumbs up
  • Austin – 250/479

Listener Input

  • Hi, Victor’s mom here. Just listened to your episode about Cold War and the episode you were thinking of is The Hungry Earth from Season 5 where they end up in Wales instead of Rio. It also reminded me of The Idiot’s Lantern where the Doctor and Rose are trying to see Elvis in New York, but end up in London. Monica

The Game Plan 

  • Next week, we head into the unknown and explore the wibbly wobbliness on a Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS!


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